It's hard to believe that our Online Only Auction will already be taking place next weekend. On March 22, 2014 this crowd-pleasing sale will hit the ground running with over 850 items in almost 450 lots! These sales have been such a hit, that we had to stop taking consignments for this Online Only Auction and start filling up the next one! This sale is full of collectible favorites such as Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Nagant, FN, Mauser, CZ, Remington, Winchester, Savage, Springfield, Stevens, Enfield, Browning, U.S. military arms, European military arms, edged weapons, ammunition, scopes, SKS, Benelli, Marlin, Walther, and some great military artifacts. If you still have bids to place you may visit the Online Catalog, and if you still have bids to finalize, you may sign in to your account by clicking here.

For those not familiar with our new Online Only Auctions, these rapidly growing sales are an opportunity for consignors to sell an item that might not fit in our Premiere or Regional auctions, or perhaps the consignor simply can't wait until the next auction day. In either scenario it results in some great usable firearms, some hidden gems, and items ranging everywhere from $50 - $5,000! However, since these auctions are still in their infancy (and growing fast), we know that some folks out there might still have some questions about this new auction type. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the auction take place?
Saturday, March 22, 2014. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. CST.

Q: How is this different from other online auctions?
Rock Island Auction Company is trying to make the online experience as close to a real auction as possible by incorporating our real, licensed auctioneers and a streaming live audio & video feed via Proxibid.

Q: How can I bid in an Online Only Auction?
In all the same ways that you do for our Premiere and Regional Auctions, with the exception of bidding live in our facility. No live crowds are attending this auction, but you may still utilize all your favorite bidding methods.

• Sealed:
RIAC webpage, fax, Proxibid, or just call us PRIOR to auction day.
• Live:
Via the third party websites and via telephone for serious phone bidders.

Q: What sort of items are at your Online Only Auction?
All of them! Many items are for beginner collectors or are still in their useful life. There are also high end collectables that our consignor may need to sell as quickly as possible. There are firearms, bladed weapons, military artifacts, ammunition, rigs, magazines, memorabilia, and more. The auction this Saturday has items with estimates that range from $40 to $8,500! It has something for collectors of all levels. Take a look for yourself!

Q: Will the building be open for the Online Only Auction?
No. This is the only auction where we do not open the building to our clients, the public, and collector friends. If you'd like to visit our facility, please come during any of the five Premiere and Regional auctions throughout the year. Also, be sure not to miss the Thursday prior to those auctions which is our Preview Day. You may spend the whole day inspecting all the weapons in that auction as well as stay that evening for hot food, cold drinks, and live music. Our next Preview Day is Thursday, May 1st from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

To participate you can place sealed bids through website, bid live with streaming audio and video via Proxibid, or even via our telephones (serious bidders only). If you would like to bid live via phone during the auction, please contact us to make arrangements at 1-800-238-8022 or via email at [email protected]. Please remember that no bidding will take place from a live audience at our facility!

We hope that this has been helpful! Good luck on your bids and we hope to hear from you this weekend.