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Thread: Load data concerning LSWC, SWC vs. LRNFP... any difference?

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    Pressure for a given amount of space inside the brass will depend on type/burn rate of your powder, weight of your bullet, and temperature among other things. There is no need to over complicate it. Rule of thumb for bottleneck rifle is to seat at least one caliber length inside the brass & shorter than the magazine & not jammed into the lands. With revolvers, use book COAL if you have one in a manual for your bullet, crimp to the cannelure or crimp ring if you don't. You can adjust both rifle & handgun to fit your particular chamber for optimum accuracy.
    Always start loading on the low end of the powder range & watch for pressure signs like fired brass that is hard to remove from the chamber, cratered, flattened or blackened primers,or split cases, and back off if you see these signs.
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    Ok. I've measured my revolvers cylinder and matched my loads to it. I do make them just a tad bit shorter to prevent a misfire from crimp jump. No pressure problems yet. But I've been careful to load on the safe side of Max.

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    With lead bullets, max loads will not be what most would consider hot Loads so you should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by likesbigbullets View Post
    Would I be right in my math to assume that multiplying the two variables will give me the cubic inches of space behind the seated bullet?
    Its always (at least what i have seen) listed in cubic centimeters, not cubic inches.
    there is a list of all calibers usable case capacity floating around on the web somewhere, can't remember where its at???
    really as long as the diameter/length of the case is the same then only the seating depth of the projectile would need to be known to figure like charges with like weight projectiles.
    all this is much easier to just follow reloading manuals however.
    there are very few projectiles that there is not a listed loading for them somewhere these days.
    this is pretty much exactly what Jimb said back in post #8.
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