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    Sounds like a great load!! I typically will load 124 grain Bullets to around 1120 to 1140 fps or so and your loading is right in that ballpark.
    Also, Glocks and Pistols with a fair measure of freebore after the Chamber do tend to work best with the faster Powders, such as Bullseye.

    Reloading Components have not been an issue with me as yet, as about three years ago the main Gun Shop that I bought most of my Reloading Supplies, had a Going Out Business Sale, and I went a bit overboard, stocking up.
    However, once that stash is shot up, Reloading Components will become a problem, as the nearest Gun Shop carrying any Reloading Supplies is about an hour and a half drive away, and I expect prices will be considerably higher.
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    I use ACC #5 and HS-6 in the 9 MM as I do with the 38 Super, 10 MM and 45 acp.
    I find these two powders pretty much give me the performance that i want, they are easy to measure/drop, they are pretty clean and by using one powder (or two) I can buy in bulk and its a lot easier having like 16 pounds of powder on hand in these trying days than a few 1 pond bottles of misc powder.
    the only caliber that i really don't use these in is the 380 and typically i will use Unique in those.
    Push come to shove i got a couple three pounds of unique and you can use that to load virtually everything from a 25 ACP to making an atomic bomb if need be.
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