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Thread: 9mm light recoil defensive handloads for wife

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    did you ever chronograph that load? what is the COAL you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by kmw1954 View Post
    I have been using Ramshot Silhouette which is very close to the same powder as True Blue. I believe the Silhouette is flash suppressed. Anyways I have been using that powder with both 115gr and 124gr plated bullets with fine results in both my PT92C and my wife's XD Mod2. With the 124gr bullets I have been loading it with 4.9gr of powder. I like the powder so much that last trip to the store I bought 2 more pounds. Instead of Titegroup I have been using AA#2. I believe it is a little less volatile than the Titegroup.

    This Silhouette has been working for me in 380, 9mm and 45acp. Uses a little bit more than HP-38 or AA#2 but has been very consistent and accurate. True Blue may just be worth a shot.

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    Wish I had access to a chrono. and a place to use it.

    With a 124gr RN Berry's or Xtreme I'm loading them to 1.155" and with the Berry's Flat Point 124gr I'm loading to 1.060".. Then before I started with the AA#2 the only load I found to work well with a 100gr Xtreme 380 was with the Silhouette. The HP-38 looked more like a shotgun pattern.

    I also use a lot of HP-38 in the 9mm. I wanted a bit slower powder and at the time I found the Western Powder labels had the most comprehensive listing of load data for plated bullets. Also we do a lot of shooting indoors and this powder is flash suppressed and listed as one of the selling points. Honestly, the first time we shot this indoors we could immediately notice a difference in the air quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xiholdtruex View Post
    Hello everyone, I have been working on a handload for my compact 9mm for my wife to start carrying. I have been using a 147gr berrys hhp but so far the loads a little snappy in my ec9s for my wife. I have seen hornday makes some light recoil 9mm ammo in 100gr. Was thinking of picking up some 100gr hhp and 124gr hhp and trying some loads out with them to see if I can get one she shoots well and can handle for training. Has anyone loaded any 100gr or 124gr in 9mm nad have any loads they recommend?

    thanks in advance
    ahh well nothing wrong with trying a few factory loads.
    Hornady Critical Defense is a pretty low recoil (less power) and low flash ammo.
    Myself I would suggest looking at maybe a 115 grain all copper hollow point for reloading and try that.
    Copper Projectiles are longer than regular projectiles of the same weight so they are already a little lighter loads, but they are very good at expansion and accuracy due to the material and the longer projectiles.
    if you want to try a factory copper load look at Fiocchi extrema all copper HP. its a non Plus P 92 grain projectile and along the line of the old hydra-shok design.
    its only made in 9 MM and works wonderfully out of all my 9 MM weapons .very fairly priced as well!
    of course Barnes is the place to begin looking-- and yea they are more expensive per projectile.
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    I was working up a load for Win231 and 124gr Extreme Plated. My wife liked the 4.2 and 4.3 gr loads, COAL of 1.150. Out of my Glock 17, we were sometimes putting the bullet through the same hole at 7 and 10 yards. The S&W Shield favored the 4.3gr, however, I have only about 200 down the pipe in it, and it's still tight.
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    Ok the powder I use supplies a low means and a high I suggest if your powder does working with the low and adding 5% working up to a load she likes about the only thing that can be done load 5 at High the 5 at low do a few of 5 each between IE example only 4.9 grains is high so 5 of those low is 3.9 so 5 of those then the math adding .05% as you work up. Hope this makes ya a good load as well as being understandable.
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