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    Case trimming

    I'm getting ready to start reloading .223/5.56 and have a question about case trimming equipment, specifically the type that uses an internal pilot like this Lyman
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    Can the trim length be adjusted? Or does it just trim to a specific length and that's that?

    The reason I ask, is that it seems to me that the thing to do would be to trim all the cases to the minimum length.

    Wouldn't that allow for the highest number of reloadings before having to trim the case again? Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

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    Very similar to the Lee version. I control my case length by screwing with the case length guide in or out to get the length I want. Typically I get several cases that need to be cut, put a little blue lock tite on the case length guide threads, cut a case. Measure the cut case. Move the case length guide in or out as needed. Cut and measure, move guide, rinse and repeat until you have the desired case length. Then I let the lock tite dry for 12 + hours. Should be good to go.

    As for cutting them short? Remember the shorter the case the less case neck you have holding your bullet tight and straight. Both very important to accuracy and powder burn, especially in auto feeders.

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    I run one of the Lee for my 30-06. For my 5.56, I use the Lee Quick Trim with the .223 die.

    If you run the power adapter for the hand trimmer, use a cordless screwdriver. I run an older Milwaukee M4 on the 200RPM setting. The chips don't go flying at that speed.
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