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Thread: Life Is Too Short For Crummy Brass

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    ^^ That's what I use for 223 rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Czechbikr View Post
    ^^ That's what I use for 223 rounds.
    that’s what I use for .300 Blackout rounds.
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    I don't do .44 but Remington brass in .38 Spl is famous for being "thin" and allowing setback or bullet pull. It will work OK if you're seating HBWC or something else like a 158gr SWC that has a large bearing surface and you're using lead bullets which are a tad bigger. But I've had trouble with 125gr LRN staying put. I cull it and keep it separate. I have so much of it though I bought a Lee U (for Undersized) sizing die. This die sizes it down a tad more and makes it usable.

    I've also noticed that when I load 9mm for the Ruger Blackhawk using lead .358 diameter bullets many brands of brass are a bit thick and I have chambering problems. But Remington brass seems to be the most reliable as far as chambering goes, so I'm starting to think all there brass is "thin".
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    Rem/UMC back during the Obama Admin was so soft it was virtually useless for .380 Auto. Many time the extractor on my 738 would pull right through the rims. Also at that time Win .380 Auto brass was to brittle and the rim would chip off as the extractor in my 738 pulled through it. Both led to FTE and I ordered Starline brass and tossed all my Rem and Win .380 Auto brass.

    BTW, I always do crimping as an extra step in my Lee Hand Press. Gives me a chance to look each round over and it need be adjust the crimp.
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