Specifically, I'm looking for an internet source for 10 gauge hulls and preferably one with 2 7/8" hulls. I can't seem to find 2 7/8" hulls. Midway has 3 1/2", but they want about 45 bucks for a hundred, seems a little steep. Just thought I'd ask. I know, 10 gauge ain't real popular. I bought this thing for geese and will use it for that, but I thought some light loads in 2 7/8" would be something I could use on ducks if I wanted to use the gun for 'em. 3 1/2" hulls just seems a might overkill. Ducks die to my 2 3/4" 12s after all. This gun is a might mission specific, I'd just like to give it a LITTLE versatility.