Brand New PT22 Poly, and Experience With Customer Support
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Thread: Brand New PT22 Poly, and Experience With Customer Support

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    Brand New PT22 Poly, and Experience With Customer Support

    Last Friday, March 13th, I picked up a brand new Taurus PT22 Poly, black with a stainless slide and barrel, that I purchased from Grab-A-Gun. Got it home, field stripped it, cleaned and lubed it, and loaded up the magazine that came with the pistol, +1 in the chamber, and took it out in the back yard and cranked through 9 rounds of CCI Mini Mag 40 grain round nose. The pistol functioned flawlessly, except for an issue with loading the magazine. I used a Hilljack magazine loading tool to depress the follower, but it was a real hassle getting the rounds in. The cartridge rims could not be inserted in the magazine tube unless you twisted the round almost 90-degrees counterclockwise and fed them in from the side before aligning them with the magazine. Then they would drop in.

    (It was odd, though, that the cartridges fed just fine during firing.)

    When I ordered the pistol I also ordered a spare magazine directly from Grab-A-Gun. I received it today in the mail. That magazine loaded as I would have expected, by passing the cartridge rim straight through the notch midway along the feed lips, then slipping it in the remainder of the way.

    I was thinking about trying to tweak the feed lips on the original magazine myself, but decided to just contact Customer Service instead.

    I went to the Taurus web site and opened up a Chat session. I explained the situation to the Customer Service rep, Amber, and she immediately offered to send me a new magazine. Couldn't ask for better service than that!

    I think that Taurus is making a real effort to turn their Customer Service reputation around!

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    Fortunately, the PT22 is made in the USA, so they probably have parts down the hall. Parts shipments from Brazil probably take a back seat to cargo that can be sold for a bigger profit.

    I had to open the lips of my magazines to get them to feed properly. Once I did that, it seems to run flawlessly.

    Certainly fun (and cheap) to shoot!
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