Put 800+ rounds thru my TX22 - No Failures!!!
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Thread: Put 800+ rounds thru my TX22 - No Failures!!!

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    Put 800+ rounds thru my TX22 - No Failures!!!

    I was able to get to the range today to fire my TX22 for the first time.

    I put over 800 rounds through it. I used the magazine loader that they supplied (Found a nice video on how to use it on YouTube) figuring it would eliminate any loading errors.

    I shot a brick of cheap Monarch HV @ 1427fps, 150 Federal Auto-Match @ 1200fps, 61 Winchester Super X @ 1280 and 120 Federal American Eagle @ 1280fps with NO failures of any kind. Absolutely flawless.

    It was just fun to shoot and I will admit I did just try to burn thru a few clips just because it put a smile on my face!

    I have some light wear on 2 of the 4 forward guides on the central block and on the 2 back guides that are part of the fire control housing. It is similar but a little less to what I have seen from other owners at 1000+ rounds so I figure that is normal. I observed no other visible wear.

    My only difficulty was minor, trying to adjust the windage on the rear sight. It took a little effort to move it, which surprised me. But, it moved and it is sighted in well enough for me now. But, what do I know? I've not adjusted this type of sight before.

    I have not shot a semi-auto pistol often (my daily carry pistol is a Taurus TCP73 so I tested some different hand positions and stances and found what worked best for me. This is a less expensive way for me to hone my pistol skills and fits perfectly with Taurus' mission for the TX22 as training pistol.

    Love that trigger! Easy to control and fun to shoot. What else could I ask for in a plinker?

    I can say it exceeded all of my expectations!
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    That is great, I love hearing about a new Taurus that performs top notch. When I decide to buy a 22 semi-auto, this may be the one I give the nod to.
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    Heck i love hearing that the ammo companies have improved reliability of 22 Rimfire ammo to the point that you can gett 500-6-7-8 even a thousand rounds through any pistol without a failure myself.
    I can't remember going through 200 rounds at one sitting and not having a failure to fire, extract, eject myself?
    course I am old and have a short memory.
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    Enjoyed reading the Post and glad to hear another satisfied customer _ I think a great little 22 for the money.

    I got mine 9-27-2019 and shot a few rounds at a friends on 09-28-2019, then 160 rounds on 09-29-2019 at a TWRA Range. I have had two Fail To Feed, and as you said some problems getting windage set (maybe me and maybe some due to the gun). It was full left out of the box and I had questions when trying to move it right (seemed like it was not going to move - but did and I ended up back to the left, but not all the way).

    I posted the results of my shoot (with target pictures) under a Topic I started about the $219.99 On Line offer by Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore.

    I have the Rebate Request($50 Rebate from TAURUS) in an envelope ready to mail and will mail today.

    It's a bit cumbersome procedure - making copies of receipts, peeling the UPC Label from the box and attaching it to the receipts I printed, and printing out a from to send along with the rest of the information. Then expect to wait weeks (My Spectrum Rebate a year ago, took I think 6 weeks to get).
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