Taurus TX-22 review and big ammo test
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Thread: Taurus TX-22 review and big ammo test

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    Taurus TX-22 review and big ammo test

    I decided to take the leap and purchase the Taurus TX-22 just a few months after the product announcement. Bad weather and a physical problem has kept me from diving into a full review. Still unable to walk much or stand, I decided that's enough. So I loaded guns and ammo into my Gator and headed out to the target range. I had to shoot while sitting on the tailgate, so was a kinda interesting training session. Alright enough prelude lets dive in.
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    The Taurus TX-22 is the newest pistol off the TaurusUSA assembly line, that's correct this little marvel is American made. Here are the specs: 16+1 22LR capacity, SAO trigger with a 5lb pull that is 3/16" long to a crisp break followed by a 1/8" reset, Trigger LOP 2 3/4" , Height 5.44", Width 1.25", OAL 7.06", Barrel 4.1", and unloaded weight of 17.3oz.
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    The pistol breaks down a little different, and takes a few tries to master. But not a big deal. Easy to clean and reassemble.
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    Here is how it looks after the first 200 trouble free rounds. In this first session I ran CCI 36 grn HP, Federal 36grn HP bulk, CCI SV with no failures of any kind.
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    So today I decided to push it hard with all kinds of ammo. Lets start at 12oclock 15 rounds of CCI SV, 2 o'clock CCI Stingers, 3 o'clock Remington subsonic, 5 o'clock Fed 36 grn HP bulk, 6 o'clock 25 year old Winchester 555 bulk hp's, 7 o'clock Aquila super extra 40 grn CPN, 9 o'clock Blazer silver bulk, 10 o'clock Remington Golden 36 grn HP, the middle is CCI minimag 36grn HP's. The middle is the only position that got a second magazine, because I was hoping the mini-mags would have better groups. But not this time. The winners today are cheap Blazer silver bulk and Remington subsonic. With both turning in 1" groups at 15 yards. Federal bulk was also very close to an inch.

    I truly believe this is one of the best pistols I have shot, the ergo's are amazing with a thick Sig/SW/HK type of grip, easy to rack slide, easy to load magazines, great accuracy, and very reliable. I am now at over 500 rounds and I have had three problems. First round today with CCI SV, fail to fully eject, and two problems with the 25 year old Winchester bulk - one similar fail to eject and one fail to load from the mag. That is it folks, this amazing pistol runs more types of ammo than most 22 pistols. Time will tell if this will be the ammo eater everyone hopes it will be. Can it survive 20,000 rounds or longer like the Ruger Mark series of pistols? But if this new offering from Taurus holds up and people figure out what an amazing gun this is, I predict another 22LR run and price increases, similar to what happened when 22 AR's hit the market. Way to GO Taurus!
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    Nice review of the new pistol! I would like to have a nice little .22 semi-auto one day. Maybe the Taurus will get the nod.
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    Great to hear you were able to get out to shoot. I know it helped you a lot. A very good review. You had three failures of which two were 25 years old. That's older than some members here! Thank you.
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    Thanks for the review and informative pics.
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    Well done on the review silverstring. Bet it felt great to get out and shoot.
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