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Well, the biggest difference for the longest time was that the Taurus 92's had rails available while Beretta only recently made such a model available, so holsters weren't always cross compatible just based on gun model.
If your Taurus 92 has a rail then you'd be safer going with a holster specifically made for the 92A1.

Only holster I have for the Taurus 92 is a double shoulder holster, because I have two of them and I like to work on my John Woo stunts.
I saw and grabbed a sale holster by Uncle Mike's last week. It's an open top Kydex size 20 with a paddle and belt loop attachment. I was excited to see it for less than 20.00 plus tax and took just a few seconds to snatch it up.

I tried to fit it last night and find that my PT 91 AFS will not work in it due to the rail!

Going to take it back in a few days. Still shopping for an alternative as I would like to try it for IDPA/USPSA.