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Thread: Rules & Policy & Instructions

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    Rules & Policy & Instructions

    politics section

    Entry to the politics section is considered to be a privilege for members in good standing. To gain access you will be required to have at least 100 posts in the general forums which are open to all. Secondly you must apply for admission to the politics section and have your application reviewed and approved by the staff before access is granted.

    in order to apply you must do the following:

    1. read post 2 below.

    2. once you have read it and understand the rules and policies, click on the reply with quote button in the lower right hand corner of post 2.

    3. type your username only and click post.

    4. if you type anything other than your username or make comments your application will automatically be rejected, the staff will never see it.

    5. by typing your username in the reply with quote you are agreeing to abide by the rules and signifying that you understand and accept the rules and policies of the politics section.

    note! Once you apply your request is transferred out of this thread into a pending approval file. If you come back to this thread and do not see your request post, do not panic. That is how it is supposed to work. You do not need to fill out the request again. Doing so will only slow down the approval process. Thanks.
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    Politics Section Rules and Policies. Read before you Post!


    UPDATED 8-25-2015

    1. No message content that is deemed illegal by state or federal law.

    2. No foul language. This forum is a family environment and such language is not appropriate. Substitutions for foul language like WTF, sh!t, F*** It, and so on are also inappropriate and not allowed. If you can't say what you've got to say without a foul word or acronym, don't say it here.

    No crude, inappropriately suggestive comments or topics will be allowed.

    3. No rude or abusive language in response to posts by others. Flaming and baiting are not allowed. We are all adults and as such we expect a civil discourse, without exception. It is possible to disagree without being rude or sarcastic.

    4. No posts with racist or extremist comments, or content. Links to sites with such content are not allowed.

    5. No racial, religious, or sexual bigotry is allowed at any time for any reason. Religion, Racism, Abortion, and Sexual Orientation are topics that will not be discussed on this forum.

    6. No posts by businesses or individuals advertising products or services or links to the same are allowed. (Please contact 4nines by PM for information on becoming a site sponsor.)

    7. Porn, nudity, and sex-related material is not allowed.

    8. Do not reopen or repost topics that have been closed, locked, or deleted.

    9. Posting solely for the purpose of boosting your post count is not allowed. Repeated posting of the same term, graphic, or Meme as a response or reply to posts is not allowed.

    10. Do Not post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. Select the forum best suited for the topic and post it there.

    11. Do not post, or link to content containing graphic depictions of injury or death to people or animals.

    12. Disrespect to others; be it members, staff, or owners will not be tolerated. All decisions and actions made by the staff in all matters will be final.

    13. Avatars of your own choosing are allowed as long as they are tasteful in content, and conform to the rules above. We Do Not want members using the avatar system to make extremely bigoted personal, religious, or political statements.

    14. Signature lines fall under the same rules as your avatars. If your signature line doesn't meet the above rules, it isn't allowed. Signatures will not be more than 6 lines and 1 picture.

    15. List all For Sale items in the Classified' forum. You are Not to list items for sale in any other part of the site. Do Not use other forums to sell anything. This also pertains to items you seek that are 'Wanted To Buy'. Read the rules for the classifieds before posting there. Also, Do Not post a link to 'For Sale' ads you may have on other boards such as GunBroker or GunsAmerica.

    16. We reserve the right to close, edit, or delete any post or thread that violates the rules here. Anyone that repeatedly violates the rules will not be allowed to participate here. You can disagree with someone, just do so like an adult.

    17. Secession and Overthrow of the Government are two topics that are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. Regardless of the reasons why and the technical legalities for or against such topics, these topics will not be promoted on this site or in our forums.

    In our Political Forum, members may discuss current events related to these two topics and they may discuss the principles of these topics as it relates to the constitution of the United States. Any posts that stray toward promoting these ideals will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the Admins, Super Moderators, and Moderators. Their judgement in determining the content of posts on these subjects will be the final judgement.

    Discussion or promotion of assassination of political candidates or holders of office, or anyone else for that matter, will not be tolerated on this forum.

    18. Given the potential for harm that may come from experimentation with explosives, their creation, implementation, and detonation, and especially now, given the uncertainty of public safety here and abroad, we will not allow the posting of discussions that involve explosives in any form. The one exception is Black Powder, but that exception is limited to reloading pistol and rifle ammunition and the shooting of Black Powder firearms. Anyone posting about explosives will be subject to having their posts censured, censored, or deleted, and a determination will be made by the staff as to any individual punishment for violations of this guideline.

    19. Forums with limited access. There are currently two forums that are not available to new members until they have reach a specific level of participation. The Classified Section for selling Firearms requires a post count of 25 before you will be given access to that forum. The Politics Forum requires a post count of 100 before you can request access to it. We want our members to participate in the gun related sections and these two forums are considered a privileged passage for members in good standing only.

    Politics specific rules & policy

    In addition to the basic rules of the forum listed in the post above there are also some additional Rules and Policies specific to the Politics Section.

    1. The Politics Section is provided by this forum as a privilege to members that are in good standing, have met the basic requirements for admission to this section and are approved for admission by the staff. Use of this section as stated, is a privilege. As such those members that are afforded the opportunity to enter this section are expected to display courtesy, and respect, toward their fellow members, even if you disagree with them.

    2. We expect a civil discourse throughout the forum, but especially in this section. Argue and debate the topics all you wish, but keep the focus on the topic and off of the member or members you disagree with. Respect your fellow members, if not for their words, then because they are willing to share their opinion with you.

    3. To participate in this Politics Section members will be held to a higher standard. Please read that as less tolerance rather than more tolerance toward infractions of the rules.

    4. Moderators, Super Moderators, and Admins will all be responsible for the management of this section. All decisions made by a staff member will be considered as final without question or recourse. If something you posted is edited or removed, just accept it as part of the process, and move along to the next thing. It's not a personal attack on you. Nothing posted in this section is life or death. It is solely for the exchange of ideas, interests, and concerns of our members.

    5. Minor infractions, and that is a term that will mean different things to different people, may be dealt with by editing, deleting, or a request for the poster to correct the issue. For any offense deemed as more serious by the staff, the offending member will be banned from the Politics Section for 60 days. That will not ban you from the entire forum, just from politics for 60 days. A second offense will get a member banned from the Politics Section permanently. No exceptions, no appeals, no excuses. Members may request a "reset" of their first politics ban if they can stay out of trouble for 1 year from the end of their 60 day politics ban. Finally, for offenses deemed exceptionally egregious, the staff, as always, has the power to ban a disruptive member permanently from the forum. A member having been banned from politics for 60 days will need to request re admittance from the staff as re admittance will not be automatic.

    6. Politics can be a volatile subject and generate very strong feelings. Not everyone will see the same subject in the same way. We want our members to have a good experience when they logon to If you can be as concerned for your fellow members as you are for your own opinion you will get along well here. Proof read what you post before you post it. Remember that typed words lack the verbal and nonverbal elements of a face to face conversation. Try and imaging how others will interpret your words before you post them.

    7. Posting of Political topics in any other part of the forum will not be tolerated and will be grounds for punitive action.

    8. Applications for access to the Politics Section will be processed within one week of submittal by the staff, and that period of time may be extended should the staff deem it necessary due to workload, vacations, holidays, etc.
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    There is nothing in life so bad or so awful that it cannot be made infinitely worse by a lawyer.

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    note! Once you apply your request is transferred out of this thread into a pending approval file. If you come back to this thread and do not see your request post, do not panic. That is how it is supposed to work. You do not need to fill out the request again. Doing so will only slow down the approval process. Thanks.

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