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Thread: RANGE REPORT: Marlin Model 25 Bolt Action Rifle .22LR

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyTom View Post
    I'm trying not to post about my past injury that much on here... as I don't want people to get sick and tired of reading about my issue... but when I post range reports I do tell people about my past injury... just so people that don't know.. know that my accuracy is off.

    If I did not say it before, know that I really appreciate your past posts and this current post to me about your injury. I have already accepted that fact that it's never going to be 100%. If I had to do it again, I would get the surgery again as my wrist / hand would fail if I did not have the surgery, and end result is I would need a four corner fusion and almost "no" mobility. So know.. that "I am" happy with the shooting that I am doing as of now, and the strength training that I am doing now (after I went thru two rounds of physical therapy) the wrist seems to be slowly getting there to some degree.

    I got rid of my 9mm, and 12 gauge shotgun but I am keeping my .380ACP and all of my .22LR firearms. I can shoot the .380ACP one handed, and that is something I will work on two handed after I get a bit more proficient with .22LR and less nerve damage and more wrist strength. What is getting to me.. is there is some people that think that I need to wait a year and then my wrist will have full functionality.. like it will "magically" be all better again. I'm going back to the Doctor soon, and from what I understand there is nothing else to be done.. it is what it is... and I'm going to get from Him, all my limitations in writing... and there is "no more" waiting another year for any sort of magical healing.
    What 380 are you shooting? My wife has arthritis issues and is looking to replace her 85UL with something with easier recoil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJS3 View Post
    What 380 are you shooting? My wife has arthritis issues and is looking to replace her 85UL with something with easier recoil.
    I am shooting my Taurus TCP PT738 .380ACP only one handed weak/off hand, I can't shoot it two handed.. at least not yet because of the nerve damage in my other wrist and hand after surgery is too much. I am not 100% "on a button" actuate, but I can maintain center mass about 10 yards. Also, I find the "tip" that I got from some past 'mil folks, with one handed shooting, that have way more ops exp' than me, tilting the gun inwards,"almost" right before the 45 degrees inwards (but not 100% horizontal "gangsta style" ), helps with stability with elbow slightly bent. I'm working on it.
    Last edited by HappyTom; 06-04-2019 at 12:21 PM. Reason: add this: "with one handed shooting" into the para
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    I gave my son one of the Marlins a few years ago. It's a tack driver with CCI Mini-Mags, he can knock golf balls off of empty 12 gauge shells at 75 yards with ease.
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