P320 in FLUX MP17 w/ AR rail mod
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    P320 in FLUX MP17 w/ AR rail mod

    This took a bit of imagination to pull off but it all gelled as I modified the parts to fit. The Flux MP17 frame is for a drop in FCG from the Sig P320 in this case 9mm. The Flux has the well designed spring loaded brace that literally shoots out of the collapsed position via a strong spring and self locks into a rock solid extended position. I'm not a big Tactical gizmo guy but have to say, its pretty cool since its well designed and as solid as it gets. The rail started out as a China made mid length AR narrow Key-mod hand guard.
    Here is the front collar anchor made from stainless heavy wall pipe.

    I fabed up a left side cocking handle and put it in the most amount of meat at the front. The threads have been milled to match the bore contour of the inner slide. In the rough... It is then JB weld thread locked.

    This shot is just the plain Flux lower with my rear rail anchor block screwed up on top in the back there.... that scruffy looking pained thing.

    Handle in place

    Done, just 3 screws to remove for removal of a rock solid rail.

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    Interesting. How's it shoot?



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