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Thread: Latest Project: 1980 Contender Unboxing

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    Front sight blade has been tampered with. A small portion of its rear has been ground off and the front had a heavy hit at one time. Whether the top had been ground on is also a question to ponder.

    To try and salvage the sight was my goal. A replacement sight hood is another item to consider.

    I scratched a line or two then went at it with the dreaded Dremel abrasive cutting wheel. After filing on it a little bit, then dipped it into a bottle of cold blue. This little trim job gives a sharper image.

    Now I need to locate a sight hood with a proper fit to shade the blade. The hood off of a '94 is too small in diameter, but it could serve duty in a pinch.
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    Thats the gun that got me staretd into relaoding!
    had a Contender in 30 herrit and 35 herritt.
    quickly installed the pachmayer fore end and grips on it and loved the weapon then.
    ended up getting a 22 LR octagon barrel and a 22 magnum barrel as well for it.
    more fun that a barrel of monkeys.
    the main thing was for hunting with the herritt barrels however, and of course a 4 X scope on each.
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    Excellent work Lohman! Very fine pistol rejuvenated but still with period patina. Agree that front sight looks like someone was obsessed with LEGO blocks and erector sets. Like the hood.

    My dad has a Contender he bought back in the late ‘70s and has 10 or so barrels he loads for. Seems like classic single shot elegance tries to break through the modern barriers of “tactical” this and that and, hopefully, will continue to do so.
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    I would remove the thumb assist from the hammer ! You will note that the set screw has already damaged the surface of the hammer . The hammers on those , open bow type, with a thumb piece will break where the set screw dug into the hammer. Since your hammer is already dameged you migh be on the look out for a replacement or send it back to TC to get the hammer replaced. I speak from a long history with TC Contenders, had my first one in 1969 and have owned many since that time. Good luck on your gun because they are fun and addictive, can't own just one !!


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