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Thread: Tell Me About DIY Glocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenWolf70 View Post
    How about a Glock that holds like a 1911? The Polymer80 fixes most of the issues with Glocks, and if you replace the barrel with an aftermarket barrel, it fixes all of the issues with Glocks. So a Glock clone that doesn't feel like a 2x4 in your hand, can shoot cast bullets, does not give fired rounds the "Glock Bulge" and just simply looks better. Then it has the good things about a Glock, like accuracy and reliability.

    It is not about the cost since you really can't sell them. It is about making something with your own skills that ends up being better than the original.

    There is one major drawback....they are more addictive to build than ARs.
    I'd just get a 1911 and fix EVERYthing. Well, I say that, don't have a 1911 at the moment. I'm quite happy with my TH9c, instead. I'll likely get another 1911 some day, but GLOCK? Not in MY lifetime.
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    LOL, most of my Glock clones do not have a single Glock part on them. I have 1911s and I love them, but my clones address a number of issues with the 1911, such as 17 versus 7 rounds in the magazine, weight, etc.
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    I have had 3 Glocks "Perfection" eh Well kept Taurus is the same. The Lowers are like a Ar style build jigs needed can be fun. Then you have Barrel/slide internals as well as slide stop and mag release these are piece meal or kits some sites have whole kits to purchase. It is a project fun to do with kids and grand-kids when weather is bad. Are they fun/reliable nice to pass down YES time consuming YES. If ya do it worth the cost some gripe no others point out great stress relief and some gripe unregulated firearm. Me eh fun to do I passed it along
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    Quote Originally Posted by NativeTexan View Post
    It certainly doesn't sound that cost effective. Of course, I've never actually WANTED a Glock.
    It's not cost effective but it teaches you how to build a handgun. I like the feel better than a real Glock but my choice would be the S&W M&P any day.
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