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Thread: Said bye bye to my Sig P938

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    It's kind of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie View Post
    I have a Sig P365 that has functioned very well after break-in. I also have a Sig P320 X-Carry. They are two different pistols for different jobs. The P365 can hold up to 15 rounds with the magazine out. My P320:also has a 21 round magazine in the mix.

    They are excellent pistols. The P365 assembles and disassembles like the P320.
    It seems that nearly every pistol manufacturer has gone with “re-engineered” specs to produce an “X” carry type pistol. Glock started the trend with its G19X which has the G17 grip (and mag capacity) but with the G19 (shorter) barrel. Seems Sig got into the game with their “X Carry” series but this entire concept never wowed me. Since both Open & Conceal Carry are legal in Ga there really is no incentive for me to worry about “full deep concealment” which X series pistols are primarily designed to meet.

    Regarding the takedown, I wish every pistol manufacturer would use the rotating levers to clear the locking block. The “mini ridges” used by Glock, Taurus, others, can be difficult to grasp if you keep your fingernails short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanford1212 View Post
    It's kind of interesting that when I go to Buds Gun Shop and talk to the personal there I'll get 2 different camps on the Taurus G2S I picked as a replacement for the 938. Mention it to the younger 30-40 year olds and they get this look like they want to be anywhere but talking to you about a Taurus. Talk to some of the older guys working there and they actually own some Taurus's and have nothing but good to say about them. IMHO the younger guys want something they can show off to friends and it's a status thing and a Taurus won't do that for them. The older gents are past that and appreciate the qualities of a low priced reliable hand gun and really don't care what others think. I spent 46 bucks added a stainless recoil assembly and stainless striker guide which actually smoothes out the trigger as we know here. Thanks Lakeline. So for about 260 I have a gun that I trust over the 500 dollar gun I couldn't. So just go with what you like regardless of what anyone thinks.

    I think Sig makes some fine guns. The 938 isn't one of them. Just head to Sig Talk. There's a lot of people complaining including me. I can see a class action in the future for that gun
    Yeah, not really a point in having a bling concealed weapon. The idea being nobody know about it.
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