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Thread: Am I just getting old or is this just silly?

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    well when I attended the high society social club college back in the 80's my teacher taught us that Basic Black goes with all my outfits so I kind of go that way.
    I do occasionally wear a nice string of pearls when I shoot however!
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    Anyone for a What-A-Burger?

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    Old or silly? What if I qualify for both?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokewagon View Post
    I'm still a traditionalist as far as color on firearms. But you're neither to old or silly. It's just your personal likes and dislikes. I even like some of the color schemes, but haven't ever wanted to buy one for myself, with the exception of the .22 rifle for my granddaughter when she was five.
    As for colorful underwear, in today's society, it isn't always concealed. Disgusting.
    And, I don't want some BG thinking it's a toy gun. I might have to shoot him when he might have just ran, otherwise.
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    To each his own I say. But that is not my thing.


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