I have a gun just like this in my gun safe. It was the first "large bore" handgun I ever bought in the early 1970's. I saw it under a glass case at a hardware store in the town I lived in at the time. The double action trigger pull seemed impossibly heavy at the time. Finally decided to take it to a gunsmith to see if he could make it lighter. When I picked it up, it was still heavy, but not as much, and much smoother. When I asked him about why the trigger was still heavy in DA he said "son....this is a .357 magnum revolver.. you need to be sure that pulling the trigger is what you mean to do". This was the gun that I taught my son to shoot when he was a boy. He got bored shooting the .22 SA revolver we always took to the range.

When I leave this earth, this gun will belong to my son.