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Thread: So, what about this one? Zastava M70A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwiks draw View Post
    That change may take place as some of us Zastava fans are glad for. I have a couple of Zastava m57s in 7.62x25.
    By the way that is a sweet piece you have there and you did well in the purchase of that beauty. Now, this sill not happen until summer and magazines will be offered. Summer is a foggy target. However it is at least doable.
    They will have magazines for their products. Zastava Arms USA is also at Facebook. I've been asking them some questions on and off over the last couple of months. You can ask them yourself if you do Facebook. Everyone please realize that this company is just settling in and new in the USA. Zastava is like Taurus in that they have branches in several other countries as well.
    Well, I got on Zastavausa website, and downloaded their PDF version of their catalog. It says that all the parts/magazines and such are "coming soon". I shot them an e-mail, so we'll see if they contact me back. I just asked them when their website will be fully up and running. They still catalog this particular pistol, even in hard chrome and in both calibers, so I am crossing my fingers on this one.

    On a different note, I shot this gun today, and it shot great! Other than the sights being "military grade" sucky, I was really able to put them in there without issues. This gun is solid and fun to shoot. I ran 4 magazines of ball through it, and one magazine of a Federal 115 grain JHP load, all without any malfunctions. I am very happy with this gun and how it "points". I was skeptical of that at first, being as though I tend to gravitate towards the steep grip angle of Glocks, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could actually come back on target with the pistol.
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    I've had Toks before and they were all extremely well made. Of course they were made so that if one broke in the field you could fix it with a hammer. The Serb/Yugo versions have a longer grip than the standard Tok, otherwise you could get some Chinese M213 mags. They would be too short to fit.

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    I had a couple of 9x19 Chinese Tokes. I didn't care much for 'em, traded one, sold one. The safety was poorly placed and accuracy was lack luster. On the good side, they were very reliable and quite flat (for concealment) though.
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    I've always thought that these were really cool.

    The design reminds me of the old Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless, and I've always found 7.62x25 Tokarev to be an interesting cartridge which surprisingly never got mainstream appeal. I mean, target loads seem to rival 38 Special +P with defensive loads that get into .45 ACP territory, and then there's the really hot stuff that goes into .357 Magnum territory, plus it defeats light body armor.

    One of these days I'll have to get me one.
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    Congrats on great deal on a bank vault solid defense tool!


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