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Thread: RANGE REPORT: GSG Firefly High Velocity .22 LR

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    By the way were in SC are you I grew up down there In Reevesville SC
    I am in S.C., a few hours to the N.W. of Reevesville.
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    Sorry I'm late to the party! I've had my Firefly since June 2018 and probably have at least 1000 rnds thru it now. I shot it yesterday at the range. Problem I've had for some time is a gritty trigger. The following is a post I made on another forum:

    Last time I shot it I put a green laser sight on the rail, but I was all over the place (must have watched too many Don Knotts movies), but the gun has always had a bit of a gritty trigger pull. My buddy also shot his Firefly, I've shot it and it does the same as mine. Today was no different, laser dancing around like Kramer on Seinfeld.

    So when I got home I looked for solutions/videos on how to fix it. About the only thing I could find was someone suggesting to pull out the trigger bar and polish it. I found a video that showed how to tear it down so off I go.

    The trigger bar looked/felt fine, no unusual edges that needed to be polished. But the inside of the gun (I've had it since June 2018 was nasty. Full of gunk that didn't look like it ought to be there. Normal cleaning would not have gotten down to this stuff.

    I cleaned as much as I could, but didn't tear down the action casing, only the parts on the outside of it once I got it out of the frame. Had to watch the video a few times to understand where the 3-4 springs I took off went back as they popped off as I pulled the casing out of the polymer frame.

    Got it all back together and lightly sprayed some RemOil on the moving parts. Before, I could feel a slight gritty bump when pulling the trigger, now it's gone.

    I attached the laser and pointed it at about the same distance as we were shooting at the range and I believe, with the now smoother action, the laser was staying on target.

    I don't think the gunk I cleaned off was anything but deposits from all the "cleaning" I had done in the past, it didn't look like grease that would have been put on at the factory and I can't imagine them putting that much grease on anyway.

    I stupid-upped and didn't remove the mag safety while I had it torn down, may do that tomorrow now that I know how to do it.

    Anybody else got one of these and have you had issues with the trigger being gritty? The double-action pull is awful but the single action is nice. Rumor has it removing the mag safety will reduce the trigger pull by 20%, that's a lot.

    There may be better videos out but this is the one I watched:
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