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Thread: Took Possession Of This Today!

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    Range Update:

    Here is a picture of the first 21 rounds. 10 yds. shooting Blazer Brass 180grn
    Not too bad in my mind considering I have never shot this gun before.

    Shot the same ammo in my CZ P-07 to compare the recoil.

    The weight of the stainless steel Smith & Wesson makes the recoil of the .40 feel more like a push straight back.
    The recoil with the polymer frame of the P-07 definitely allows the muzzle to rise.

    Not too much take-up on the trigger, a very well defined wall, and a guesstimated trigger pull of 6 lbs. in single action.
    Double action pull was stout but manageable - guesstimated at around 11 lbs.

    Then there's the reset . . . . oh my word . . . . the reset is crazy short! I thought the reset on my P-07 was short. Well the reset on this 4006 is about half that of the P-07. WOWSERS!!! Seemed like my finger twitched and the trigger reset!

    This thing is definitely a keeper!!
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    Congrats on the new shooter, always nice to have a little history with the gun.

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    Very nice!
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    Sweet 40 tactical pistol.

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    That is one fine pistol you've got there.

    I really love the Gen 3 S&W Semiautomatic Pistols, it's a terrible shame that they don't make them anymore.
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    I've always loved the sleek look of those Smith and Wesson slide guns. Looks like you got a good'un, congrats !
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