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Thread: Got my LCP back from Ruger

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    I'm very happy you got your gun back and all is well now. I have a Ruger LCP and at least once out of every clip it would extract, but would hang up loading the next round. I sent it back to Ruger and they replaced the slide. I got it back and again the same problem. I sent it back a 2nd time and they replaced the slide and the barrel. Again, the same issue, so the 3rd time I sent it back I received an email telling me the gun had been declaired defective and would be distroyed and I would receive a new handgun.

    This last time that I sent it in was March 27, 2019 and I just got a phone call (May 3, 2019) from Academy Sports that the new handgun is in. I will say they are very nice and helpful people and the lady that did the shipping confessed to me that two guns were shipped to Georgia about two weeks ago and of course mine was one of them.

    So I guess I will update this posting after I get the new handgun and take it to the range....more to follow.

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    Not meaning to hijack this thread but this is but one of several current threads about Ruger LCPs. Any of you thought of upgrading to an LCP II? Perhaps Ruger could replace a defective LCP with an LCP II?

    Only ask because the LCP II has a tremendously improved trigger - it is DAO but such a short stroke as to feel like a SA - and it also has the slide lock at empty feature.

    I’ve got both an LCP and a TCP which I alternated pocket carry for years. I bought a new LCP II in January this year for $265 and, quite frankly, the other two 380s haven’t seen the light of day since then.

    Just a thought with folks beginning to see problems with the original LCP line these days.
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    Personally, I prefer the LCP for a number of reasons (look, feel, features, pricing, etc) and don't really consider the LCP II to be a straight upgrade to the original. In fact, I wonder if the LCP II was actually developed as a successor to the LCP or merely branded as such for the sake of marketing/sales, because if anything it seems more like a miniature Security 9.

    Also, many folks online seem to prefer the LCP over the LCP II as well, so I guess that's why they haven't been discontinued.

    That's not to say that the LCP II is bad or anything, just that it's really not the straight upgrade that you'd expect from a successor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WooD View Post
    Never experienced better custom service than Ruger.
    Agreed......glad to hear all went well. Let us know how the grip glove works for you.

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