Found a nice S&W 64-5 while picking up my G2C. My review.
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Thread: Found a nice S&W 64-5 while picking up my G2C. My review.

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    Found a nice S&W 64-5 while picking up my G2C. My review.

    Whilst I was picking up my new Taurus G2C, I had a chance to see if any other handguns needed liberating. Oh crud there was a Smith 64-5 sitting in the far,dark rear corner of the case. Nice Stainless 38 Special with some finish staining and a few marks. They were asking $349..I tried my best but could only get them down to $325. What the heck it seemed so out of place with the skads of Rough Riders and old worn out off brand revolvers. So Mr. Smith came to the Silverstring farm.
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    So I did a complete tear down and removed lots of brown sticky stuff from the frame and action parts. Polished the friction surfaces and did a little stoning to the sear and hammer surfaces. Put everything in a 24 hour CLP bath, cleaned up and put it all back together. Then did a light polish to the frame and cylinder to get the last bit of staining off the stainless.
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    This beauty was built in 1993, it weighs 35.2 oz's and has a 8.2 lb DA pull with a 3.6 lb SA pull. It has the typical ( amazing ) S&W trigger and is so easy shooting 38 special. The ramped front sight and notch rear site don't make this a target model. But it shoots as accurate as you want it to.
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    This K frame fills the void between my model 60-15 J frame and the amazing 686 deluxe L frame revolvers I picked up earlier this year. Smith actions feel like a well tuned Swiss clock. The trigger is smooth and is so easy to stage for DA shooting.
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    With the minimal sights 25 yards was just about the end of my vision to the target. But as you can see those sights didn't stop me from having very accurate hits on this 8" sticky target. I also ran some snake shot through it at 20 feet, the pattern was pretty good with about a 15 inch oval pattern. These old model 64's make a great addition to any collection, and are plentiful right now with the influx of police surpluses hitting the shelves. Pick one up, you won't be disappointed. Now get out there and do some summer shooting.

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    I love the model 64 and 65 Smiths, they have nice, clean lines and are not overly bulky. My very first gun was a 65 and I rue the day I sold it. That is a great looking 64, congrats !
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    That's a beauty for sure, nice find.

    I have 2 S&W's a 686 4" and a 5906, both have excellent trigger breaks. Smith has had some problems over the years, but they do make an outstanding handgun.
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    What a wonderful find! congratulations - and thanks for the pix!!
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    I love them old Black powder guns with them round thingies in the middle of the frame!!!-----------
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    I picked up an old police trade in last year. Nice shooter Name:  IMG_20170812_112828336_HDR.jpg
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