Taking advantage of the situation
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    Taking advantage of the situation

    I'm taking advantage of the disadvantaged, sorta. My daughter's boyfriend got caught up with. He had a couple of tickets he never took care of and got picked up on warrants. His own fault. I like the kid, decided, though, if I'm going to help get him out, I'm going to get collateral. I told him I've give him $250 for his SP101 Ruger .357 revolver (I like that thing). He's selling a .30-30 and a Mossberg Persuader to his boss for the rest of what it'll take to get him out 8 days early. Me, I'd just stay in the rest of the 8 days and keep my toys. Wonder who his cell mates are?

    So, anyway, I did tell him if he came up with the money later, I'd sell it back to him for the same 250, not really taking advantage, just want some collateral for the "loan". Daughter had asked me what he'd get from a pawn shop... : Hate to see good guns go for nothing. If he never buys it back, though, I'll be happy. I've got a 3", a 4", and a 6.5" .357 and now I'll have a 2.25 (IIRC) inch five shot carry. I'm interested in seeing how it chronographs against the other barrel lengths. Rugers have a rep for shooting fast compared to other brands and I know my old 4" Security Six shot faster than my buddy's 686 Smith with the same loads. If I like this little gun and he buys it back, I might just have to buy me one permanent. If it shoots as hard with the same loads as my 3" Taurus M66, it'll be a more compact carry gun, for sure, even though it lacks a round in capacity. Another thing I'll be interested in seeing is if it could be carried as I do my Taurus M85UL in a front pocket. I kinda doubt that, is a might heavy and bulky for pocket carry, but should be light on the belt in my IWB.
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    Re: Taking advantage of the situation

    Always get collateral no matter what, unless you don't mind giving things or money away... Even if its family, teaches them good life lessons
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    Re: Taking advantage of the situation

    Yeah maybe he will pay his tickets now



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