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Thread: NEWpt145/first time gun owner looking for good suggestions from cleaning/carrying,etc

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    Greetings my friend from the great state of Michigan, and welcome to the forum.

    My edc is a PT 145. I bought it in November last year and I love it. I have a Galco IWB and a Kholster. I have to keep the firearm in my glove compartment, because of where I work. I wear the Kholster on the weekends. I find the Galco very practical for me personally, but the Kholster is more sturdy and more comfortable.

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    Congratulations on your new firearm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruiser 160 View Post
    You picked a great carry piece. I normally carry mine in an IWB holster, but sometimes I open carry, so for that I have a blackhawk OWB holster. The 145 is really easy to conceal, especially inside the wasteband. There are a lot of good holsters and belts to choose from on the market. Good luck!!
    Is that Blackhawk you have the number 7?
    I was looking at them and from what I could figure out from the back of the package it was the # 07 for the XDm right?
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    Congrats on the PT145 and welcome!!

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    Pt great gun carry every day fobus paddle ...........
    Looking for iwb for summer
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    I have a S&W BG380 that I bought for summertime carry and I still carry my PT140 95% of the time. Get a double layer leather gun belt and it will make all the difference, they don't sag!

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    I tote a PT-145 and found that if you use the 165 grain Federal ammo the weapon weighs in the same as the PT-745 loaded with the 230 grain ammo, ( it is noticeably lighter.) I hate the Fobus holster, it doesn't hold your pistol in close enough to your body and prints really bad, plus I had my pistol pop out of the Fobus once so I never use it any more. DeSantis #085BAN2Z0 is for a Springfield XD45 and fits the PT's perfectly, thumb break FBI cant and can be had in a lefty version or has similar products that I like a lot.
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    I definitely think you made a good choice!

    I've owned two Millennium Pros (PT138 and a PT111), and they have been rock-solid dependable.

    A good friend of mine who lives out of state is going to sell me his PT145 MilPro. It will have to go from his FFL dealer to mine, so it will take a few days before I receive it; but I am really stoked at the prospect of owning this fine pistol.

    My main EDC pistol is the 6 plus 1 Taurus PT740 Slim. I love it because of it's dependability, accuracy, and it's slim and lightweight configuration.
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    Plus one on the larger shirt size. I have a Galco leather iwb and hardly notice my 24/7 G2. It also works well with the millpro.
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