Extended magazine for the G2C in 40 S&W
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    Extended magazine for the G2C in 40 S&W

    Hi Folks:

    I've been trying, without success, to find a G2C 40 cal extended mag. Is anyone aware of the existence of these and where to get them?

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    I know the G2c in 9mm runs well on Sig p229 mags. Anyone try the 40 cal Sig mag in a G2c?

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    Fredward nailed it, There is an alternative but it requires buying a gun that has the larger capacity magazines like an FNX.
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    I have tried running the P229/P226 40 S&W mags in my PT140 G2. I own a P224 & P229 in 40 s&W. Both can run P229 & P226 mags. (so I have plenty) Posts online said they would work (most were in regards the 9mm versions). Running those successfully may be true for the 9mm variants.

    Now when it came to MY 40 caliber variant, the mags will not stay seated in the firearm. The magazine locks up just fine unloaded, same when the mag is loaded. Then all seems well till you take a shot. This goes for the sig mags, the 24/7 (gen 1) & PT640 versions in 40 S&W in my G2. I take a shot and the mag slips and the next round won't camber. Tap and rack and all is well for the first round, then it won't camber the next. With the sig mags, I have actually had the mag fall out. I scrapped the sig idea & i opted for other taurus models as posts suggest. These don't fall out, but they have one after another FTFs. This was all at my latest range trip this weekend. (tried 2 different pt640 mags)
    Note: I am running them completely unmodified, simply just as they come out of the package. So I am diving in to research to see why...

    I have come across this info from 2011: https://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/p...out-there.html
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    ...Cabela's has the 24/7C magazines on sale for 75% off, $9.88. They fit the PT640 with only minor modification.
    Simply remove the plastic magazine base, file down the top of the plastic base about 1/16", clean the base, and reassemble the magazine.
    I have done this on 4 of the 24/7C magazines and they all fit, feed, and function perfectly in my PT640 Pro...

    And yes I know they are talking pt640 & 24/7... but within the post someone was discussing a pt140. So this lends me to believe the magazines should work. Though in my case the "bases" are not causing any fit interference as they actually have a gap between the body of the gun and the mag base. Hopefully someone will chime in and enlighten us... Fortunately All my extended "other" pt140 magazines were gotten gently used from my FFL, so $15 cash price, so it does not hurt as bad that they are failing and might need tweaking.

    A bit more research: post #54

    ...The PT145 mags all worked flawlessly in my PT145 MilPro. I purposely took them straight from the package, and used them without cleaning them first, a practice that I do NOT recommend.
    Normally, I always take the mags down and clean the waxy preservative from them, leaving them clean and dry.

    I am very well aware that the 24/7C magazines are marked for the 24/7C, but in another thread here, we have been discussing using the 24/7C mags in the PT640 Pro, as there are virtually no aftermarket or additional PT640 mags available. I knowingly purchased 3 more of the 24/7C mags from Cabela's, to go along with the previous 3 that I purchased from Cabela's. In the other thread on the PT 640, one user used a Dremel tool to slighty enlarge the locking slot on the 24/7C mags to make them work in the PT640. I carefully measured the different dimensions of the 24/7C mags and the original PT640 mags, and the sheet steel body , spring, and follower are identical, a fact corroborated in the Brazilian gun blogs. The only difference that I could find is that the plastic magazine base on the 24/7C mags is taller than the base of the 640 mags by about 1/8". On the first 3 of the 27/7C mags I purchased a few weeks ago, I manually filed about 1/16" off the top of the 24/7C magazine base, cleaned them thoroughly, and reassembled them. Each of the 3 seated with the same "snap" that the original PT 640 mags had. I loaded each modified 25/7C mag with 11 rounds and seated each mag in the PT 640. Each of the modified mags appeared to lock in place firmly, and manually cycled the slide, with each modified mag working flawlessly.

    Today at the range, the results were different with 2 of the 3 modified 24/7C mags. One mag worked flawlessly, seating properly and firmly. The other two came loose during firing. After close examination, it appears that I may have to file down just a bit more plastic off the top of the mag base on those 2 mags. The magazine latch was sticking out about a millimeter on the right side of the pistol, indicating that the mag was not fully engaged by the latch when loaded.

    Just for grins, I put 5 rounds in each of the 3 24/7C mags that came yesterday. I did not clean the mags first. Each of the unmodified 24/7C mags came loose in the PT640 when shooting, causing a FTF, and it was obvious that they were just a tiny bit short of locking up properly in the PT 640. I will have to file the top of their base about 1/16" as well (or a little more).

    The previous discussion of the 24/7C mags in the PT 640 is in the now closed thread:
    This information is leading me to believe there might infact be an issue with the mags not locking in fully. Granted it is for other reasons then mine, as I don't have a base issue.
    I will pull the magazines apart... factory PT140, the 24/7 & PT640 and check the differences in the followers and mag bodies. Maybe there is that slight 1/8 difference in the body? Might do some swapping around of internals to see if anything shakes out as to the variances. I will also check the feel of the magazine release button with each mag loaded with ammo to see if I can feel the mag release differences with each mag, as the above poster found. I will report back my findings.
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    24/7 Gen 3 9mm mags work fine in my 9mm G2c, except they don't lock the slide back on last shot every time, I think it's just because the mag springs aren't as stiff as the new one.



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