My G2C Project, Part 1
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Thread: My G2C Project, Part 1

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    My G2C Project, Part 1

    The flesh was weak. With Rural King selling them for $179.00 and Taurus offering a $25.00 rebate, I couldn't resist. I had an idea rolling round in my head to configure a pistol and was looking for a likely suspect. The G2C just happened along and the stars came into alignment. Soon I will post pictures but technical difficulties push them off into the future. Here's the narrative.

    First, the stars.

    #1. Momma said I could. Without this one, the rest don't matter.
    #2. Rural King has G2C for $179.00, my price.
    #3. Taurus has a $25.00 rebate, even better.
    #4. Lakeline has a replacement striker guide, replacing the plastic one that comes with the pistol.
    #5. Lakeline also has a mount for the Vortex Venom.
    #6. Midway is closing out the Vortex Venom (6 MOA) for $171.00.
    #7. Keep_Tinkering has replacement triggers on eBay for about $30.00.

    That's a lot of stars but there they were, all lined up. So I went for it. The result is a pistol that is a short barreled race gun for about $500.00 out the door.

    I was going to wait until I had the pictures to make the post but experienced something that I think every G2C owner should know. If you examine your slide you will notice that the striker guide is orange plastic. It's a carry-over from the old days and has a hole cut into it for the old Taurus Safety System. Additionally the trigger is a DA/SA, which means a second-strike capability.

    Two parts available outside Taurus are the trigger itself and the striker guide. Keeping_Tinkerings's trigger takes away the second-strike capability as well as the trigger safety bar. Lakeline's stainless-steel striker guide removes the hole for the Taurus Safety System. Replacing these two components results in a trigger with considerably less take-up and a distinct wall and almost no over-travel. There seems to be a little grit in the take-up but not enough to be bothersome. This is the trigger you want in every Taurus pistol you have. It's easily as good as the trigger in my Shield. Probably better.

    Of course every silver lining has a cloud. The end result was a trigger with a pull just under 4 pounds. Without springs that would take it higher, if you have issues with trigger discipline this modification is not for you.

    Part 2 is coming, please be patient. We have lives outside the forum, as evidenced by many posts. But I was so struck with the improvement of trigger function by replacing the trigger and striker guide that I wanted to share it with other G2C owners.
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    I need to pick up one of Alfonse's striker guides and try them out.



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