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Thread: Advice on Concealed Carry

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    I would recommend the PT 111 G2 also..It's 9mm, 12 rounds in the mag and very concealable. I have a PT 145 SS that I sent to Miami the beginning of August and hope to get my replacement 24/7 Compact 45 ACP in stainless in the next couple of months. If you want to stick with 45 ACP you could buy his and send it in to wait months for a new gun (so pay accordingly) or just find someone selling a new one for 325.00 approx. Grab A Gun and CDNN had them a few weeks ago, but they go fast.
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    Much good advise so far - I alternately carry 2 single stack 9s pocket or IWB a Taurus 709 and a Kahr CW9.
    Took me a while to just stop trying IWB with double stack so those go as tight to the body as possible and consist of a variety of guns depending on dress etc. Ruger SR40c is a favorite and a slew of full sized Glocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MADDMAX View Post
    I would opt for a new G2 .Or a new 24/7. Prices right now are super low.
    This is the answer you seek.
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    I have been drawn to Glocks as well, but I don't know much about Taurus. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is this a good price for this model?
    Might as well add my two cent......

    I was intrigued by the idea of having 10+1 in 45ACP in a small package and opted for the PT145 Mil Pro. I got this particular gun not only for its size but also because it was affordable for me. I quickly realized that it was a terrific shooter blasting round after round down range plus it is easy to carry. My only complaint was the end of the rail snagged on my holster. I solved that problem by changing holsters, actually, I made my own to fit the gun. Your friend's $300 might be a tad high for a used PT145 Mil Pro as compared to what you can find on an auction site but it's a lot of gun for three hundred bucks.

    My PT145 Mil Pro was my first polymer gun and made me a believer in "plastic" guns. I have since added a PT140 Mil Pro, Ruger SR9E and S&W M&P 9 Shield all in polymer.

    Bottom line and my suggestion is to get the gun, shoot it frequently, get comfortable with it and don't hesitate to carry it.
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    Years ago I carried 1911s. The .45 was, and is a great round. However, the 9mm in today's defensive loads are perfectly adequate as a self-defense load and cheaper to shoot too. I carried everything from .38 to .45 as well as .44mag both on and off duty. My EDC is a PT111G2. Easy to carry, shoots anything I put in it and puts the rounds where I point it. You can spend a lot more but I doubt you will find anything better for what you want it for. Just my .02 cents, your mileage may vary.
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    I'd recommend the PT140 G2 Millenium or Slim 740. Ammo is less expensive than .45 and more readily available in times of ammo panic by the paranoid.
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