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    Quote Originally Posted by coypu76 View Post
    As I've said to many others, I hope you like your PT111G2 as much as I like mine! It's my EDC, smooth, accurate, reliable. I use a Kangaroo Carry concealment holster. It's made of fabric, so it's no problem to fit - it will accommodate my PT111G2 or my PT24/7 G2 with equal ease, and even the larger weapon is well concealed and comfortable.
    Between the two, which gun would you prefer to have in your hand if a violent confrontation was developing?
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    Yes you can reverse the mag release. I am a southpaw as well. watch the video posted below. It wasn't quite as easy for me and I was afraid I was going to break something but I got it to work. I really had to push hard to get the release mechanism to get out. This makes the pt111 just a bit to being the best gun ever for me as a lefty. Now if I can only find a nice flat base plate to fit it.

    good luck

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    My son has borrowed my G2 holster for his shield. His is in the mail, and it dang well better hurry up and get here.

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