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Thread: Taurus PT 92, 99 fan

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    Welcome to the forum from north central arkansas
    Taurus PT 840 /Williams Adj, Sites/ 70969
    Taurus PT 92/ AF
    U S Army 73-75 Spec. 4

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    For those of you with questions about the rear sight. I went to the range a week ago and shot paper and then shot the El Presidente drill at 15 yards (swinging steel) several times. It turns out the rear sight is lower than the original adjustable sight. I had to hold the front sight high to be on target. So, this weekend I used the mill and removed .055" from the top of the front sight and changed the sight ramp profile somewhat. Everything looks good and the sight picture is much more normal. I did round off the ears on the rear sight and re-blued it with cold blue. Said all of that to say, looks can be deceiving. I will try to remember to post pics of the revised front and rear sights. Thanks again for all the comments and welcomes.
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