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Thread: Taurusarmed.net rules & guidelines 2015

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    Taurusarmed.net rules & guidelines 2015

    TaurusArmed.net has grown from just a handful of members to a forum soon to exceed 50,000 members. Our old Member Guidelines were sufficient in the beginning and have served us well for the past nine years. But, like all things, the Internet, computers, software, and our forum have evolved. Bigger numbers of members using TaurusArmed.net has made it necessary to refine our management practices, and as part of that, refine our Rules, Guidelines, and Policies.

    Today we are introducing a new set of TaurusArmed.net Rules. The new rules are the embodiment of our old Guidelines, refined to be a bit more specific. Our old guidelines were more broadly presented and open to interpretation by both staff and members. That worked well with small numbers of members, but not so well with the volume of postings and members we have today. Our staff sometimes don't get a chance to converse with everyone in every post anymore and that means that more specific and easily understood rules needs to be in place to maintain clarity in what our member behavior is expected to be. We have made the rules much more direct in their nature, but they are exactly what our old guidelines and policies were asking of every member. The Staff, as before, will determine policy in the implementation and utilization of these rules for our forum, and their decisions, as before, will be the last word and not subject to debate.

    Finally, we reserve the right to modify, alter, or change the rules as the Staff deems appropriate. Please take the time read the TaurusArmed.net Rules. It won't take long, and hopefully we will then have all members participating with a clear understanding of what the standards are. Thanks for your support!

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    UPDATED 8-25-2015

    - English Language is required.

    1. No message content that is deemed illegal by state or federal law.

    2. No foul language. This forum is a family environment and such language is not appropriate. Substitutions for foul language like WTF, sh!t, F*** It, and so on are also inappropriate and not allowed. If you can't say what you've got to say without a foul word or acronym, don't say it here.

    No crude, inappropriately suggestive comments or topics will be allowed.

    3. No rude or abusive language in response to posts by others. Flaming and baiting are not allowed. We are all adults and as such we expect a civil discourse, without exception. It is possible to disagree without being rude or sarcastic.

    4. No posts with racist or extremist comments, or content. Links to sites with such content are not allowed.

    5. No racial, religious, or sexual bigotry is allowed at any time for any reason. Religion, Racism, Abortion, and Sexual Orientation are topics that will not be discussed on this forum.

    - Religion offers no real contribution to the designed subject of the forum. Understandably, religion is a part of life, but is not required to better our shooting and firearms owning experience. Please refrain from quoting scriptures into your posts, and avatars, or steering a topic into a religious debate.

    6. No posts by businesses or individuals advertising products or services or links to the same are allowed. (Please use the "Contact Us" and "Advertise" tabs at the bottom left of the index page for information on becoming a site sponsor.)

    Solicitation: Posting by any person to solicit, beg or otherwise ask for money or other things of value, are strictly prohibited on this site.

    7. Porn, nudity, and sex-related material is not allowed.

    8. Do not reopen or repost topics that have been closed, locked, or deleted.

    9. Posting solely for the purpose of boosting your post count is not allowed. Repeated posting of the same term, graphic, or Meme as a response or reply to posts is not allowed.

    10. Do Not post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. Select the forum best suited for the topic and post it there.

    11. Do not post, or link to content containing graphic depictions of injury or death to people or animals.
    No posts suggesting the killing of a person or a group of people will be allowed on this forum.
    As long as hunting pictures aren't gory or extremely graphic, such as those seen in most magazines, they will be exempt from this guideline, with the discretion of staff.

    12. Disrespect to others; be it members, staff, or owners will not be tolerated. Product bashing is disrespectful also, and will not be allowed; be it Taurus Brands or other product brands. All decisions and actions made by the staff in all matters will be final.

    13. Avatars of your own choosing are allowed as long as they are tasteful in content, and conform to the rules above. We Do Not want members using the avatar system to make extremely bigoted personal, religious, or political statements.

    14. Signature lines fall under the same rules as your avatars. If your signature line doesn't meet the above rules, it isn't allowed. Signatures will not be more than 6 lines and 1 picture.

    Signature lines and homepages may not be used for advertising or promoting products.

    15. List all For Sale items in the Classified' forum. You are Not to list items for sale in any other part of the site. Do Not use other forums to sell anything. This also pertains to items you seek that are 'Wanted To Buy'. Read the rules for the classifieds before posting there. Also, Do Not post a link to 'For Sale' ads you may have on other boards such as GunBroker or GunsAmerica.

    25 posts are required before anyone is allowed to participate in The Classifieds.

    16. We reserve the right to close, edit, or delete any post or thread that violates the rules here. Anyone that repeatedly violates the rules will not be allowed to participate here. You can disagree with someone, just do so like an adult.

    17. Secession and Overthrow of the Government are two topics that are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. Regardless of the reasons why and the technical legalities for or against such topics, these topics will not be promoted on this site or in our forums.

    In our Political Forum, members may discuss current events related to these two topics and they may discuss the principles of these topics as it relates to the constitution of the United States. Any posts that stray toward promoting these ideals will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the Admins, Super Moderators, and Moderators. Their judgement in determining the content of posts on these subjects will be the final judgement.

    18. Given the potential for harm that may come from experimentation with explosives, their creation, implementation, and detonation, and especially now, given the uncertainty of public safety here and abroad, we will not allow the posting of discussions that involve explosives in any form. The one exception is Black Powder, but that exception is limited to reloading pistol and rifle ammunition and the shooting of Black Powder firearms. Anyone posting about explosives will be subject to having their posts censured, censored, or deleted, and a determination will be made by the staff as to any individual punishment for violations of this guideline.

    19. Forums with limited access. There are currently two forums that are not available to new members until they have reach a specific level of participation. The Classified Section for selling Firearms requires a post count of 25 meaningful posts, before you will be given access to that forum. The Politics Forum requires a post count of 100 before you can request access to it. We want our members to participate in the gun related sections and these two forums are considered a privileged passage for members in good standing only.

    20. When quoting the post(s) of another member do not alter the quote by deleting words or adding your own words to the quote. Quote it exactly as it was written by the original poster. You may select a portion of a members post and remove the rest. You may also highlight that portion, make it bold or change the color of the text to focus or clarify your interest in quoting another member, but do not modify or change the meaning, text or words of the quote.

    21. When posting excerpts from other forums, books, magazines, or anything written by others, you must credit the original source by posting the authors name or username, the published source and or forum name, and the date the original was written. Failing to do so is plagiarism. Individual posters are responsible for their sources of information. While this forum cannot be responsible for the originality of posts of and by it's members, discovery of posts that are copies of others work that do not disclose their source will be deleted, edited, or modified by the staff as necessary to give the appropriate credit to the original source.

    When posting a news or any other type of article, post a link to the article only, do not put the text from the entire article into your post. You may post certain key sentences to make a point, but posting the entire article bogs down the thread and makes it harder to look through the thread for specific posts. Also, there may be copyright considerations for posting the entire article.
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    There is nothing in life so bad or so awful that it cannot be made infinitely worse by a lawyer.



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