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Thread: Job Rant! Am I crazy?

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    Can you sign up with the SO as a Reserve Deputy?
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    I remember from a previous post of yours that you are interested in the Law Enforcement field. If nothing else opens up soon, try to get on in a reserve capacity with a local agency. At least that way you can get your foot in the door and establish some credibility should a full time opening come available. Hang in there, something will open up.
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    Damn what a bunch of asses!!!I ve been looking for work and no one wants to give ya a chance its a cruel world out there!!!but, hang in there!!Im prob gonna end going to temp service until something solid comes!

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    They say one door must close before another one opens. Keep your chin up, thank them for the consideration and ask them for advice.
    they may be able to point you towards a partner company or maybe one of their clients mentioned something to them. As much as it sucks it can be quite positive. Consider this one of those life's lessons on rejection. you can hate them, but you're still in the same boat. learn to channel the disappointment into motivation.
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