Article in NY Times: NYPD officers not ready for shoot scenarios
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Thread: Article in NY Times: NYPD officers not ready for shoot scenarios

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    Article in NY Times: NYPD officers not ready for shoot scenarios

    Ready, Aim, Ready?

    Big surprise there.

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    There will always be anecdotal points brought up about "training", and the police. While we, the enthusiasts, seem to think nothing of spending our vacation at Gun Site, or Thunder Ranch, non-enthusiasts regard that as a "hobbyist" adventure.

    To many police, they have a job that requires them to carry a gun. They also have classes that are in-service for other things. Add in court dates, changing shifts, and changing locations, and learning their beat, and see just how much time they feel they have for additional firearms training.

    Do we require professional drivers to take additional high-tech driver's schools? Of course not. The fact is that these drivers are much more likely to NEED such skills today, as witnessed by our highway deaths.

    Every person alive today could stand to obtain better skills in their lives. Do we require that?

    NYC, like any other PD has to balance training requirements with time, money, and the effects of spending both of those. Of course, those members of the Department can use the range facilities during their off-time, and many do. So, counting that MIGHT just skew the reports, so it isn't included.

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    I know many teachers who spend a significant amount of their vacation and own money taking professional development classes. Frankly, it's a cost of the profession. Not real sure why any public sector employee shouldn't be expected to do the same.

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    As a long time firearms instructor (USMC & LEO) I can tell you that most people think that all law enforcement officers are expert shots. This is not the case. I have seen a lot of officers that dreaded upcoming weapons qualification. I would say that historically, about 20% fall in to this category. There is another 40% that pass with a lot of help, practice, and instruction. Another 25% are proficient and are natural shooters. The remainder (15%) shoot competitively and are expert marksman. Unfortunately, your average entry level officer can not afford the cost of training vacations. Plus, the work is so stressful that vacation time is essential to wind down and relax. This is just my experience over 30+ years. You may have a different opinion.
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    I strongly support gun control, how else are you going to hit anything?

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    Have to throw you an "Amen" on that one.

    When I started law enforcement in 1970 it was with the misconception that "All LEO's" were "gun people" when in fact only about 70% of the force (then) were.

    Nowadays that precentage has dropped dramatically.

    Agencies with the most "gun people" tend to be in the southern states or rural areas of midwestern or northern states.


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    There seems to be a disconnect between the story and your conclusion. The story is about recruit training... and a paragraph about one recruit (who has already received training elsewhere) expressing an opinion that the training was inadequate. So?
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