Why i love baltimore
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    Why i love baltimore

    Of course I was being very sarcastic with the thread title. I live in the state of Maryland and absolutely despise that place. (thank God I live about 3 hours away from it)

    Anyway the real reason I posted this is to explain what goes on there on a daily basis.
    I just got this story on Drudge about an attack on a white tourist by a bunch of blacks.

    Read it and watch the video and see if you are as angry as I am about this kind of crap going on:

    Second Video Shows Brutal Gang Attack On Tourist Outside Baltimore Courthouse | The Smoking Gun


    God, Guts, and Guns made this country the great place it is today.
    No matter what some people say.
    And it seems all 3 of these things are what the libtards want to get rid of.
    But not if I got anything to do with it!


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    I wonder, if Obama had a brother would he be like this tourist?
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