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    Re: Yikkess..Shooting in my home town today

    Well you should have gone one page further. Because I found the exact one, plus a lot more similar. Kind of puts a new wrinkle on Axes.

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    Re: Yikkess..Shooting in my home town today

    Quote Originally Posted by dbsoundguy
    I think Phoenix is the king of all cities for road rage..Yikees
    I drive into Phoenix every couple of weeks to work up there for the day and db you may think Phoenix is the king of road rage, un uha. I grew up in LA and travel and worked in the LA area for years, their are some nutty people there. Oddly enough you kind of get use to it.

    But the worst in AZ has to definatly be the big rigs out here, they couldn't give a second though to cutting off a family vehicle . That's a scarry though every time I pass by one. Their could be 2 car lenghs in front of me and 200 behind me, but that truck needs the spot in front, dispite the fact I'll pass him up as soon as he moves over.

    Sorry, just wanted to throw my observations in the pot.

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    Re: Yikkess..Shooting in my home town today

    Man...Cool pics Robby..
    Why would you want something like that anyways..
    I can't imagine seeing someone jump out of a truck with one of those..

    techo lust ...No arguement there, the trucks can be really bad..
    I think one of the reasons Arizona can be crazy is the fact that you can have and carry guns in your truck and on you all the time..
    We can still be like the wild west out here or so people think..lol
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