Do any of you understand the String Theory?
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Thread: Do any of you understand the String Theory?

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    Do any of you understand the String Theory?

    I am supposed to be a genius and usually feel like. But I occasionally run into something that makes me feel like a "special child".

    The String Theory is a prime example. This stuff is mind-boggling.

    String theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A standard analogy for this is to consider multidimensional space as a garden hose. If the hose is viewed from a sufficient distance, it appears to have only one dimension, its length.

    Indeed, think of a ball just small enough to enter the hose. Throwing such a ball inside the hose, the ball would move more or less in one dimension; in any experiment we make by throwing such balls in the hose, the only important movement will be one-dimensional, that is, along the hose.

    However, as one approaches the hose, one discovers that it contains a second dimension, its circumference. Thus, an ant crawling inside it would move in two dimensions (and a fly flying in it would move in three dimensions). This "extra dimension" is only visible within a relatively close range to the hose, or if one "throws in" small enough objects.

    Similarly, the extra compact dimensions are only "visible" at extremely small distances, or by experimenting with particles with extremely small wavelengths (of the order of the compact dimension's radius), which in quantum mechanics means very high energies (see wave-particle duality).

    Thus, an ant crawling inside it would move in two dimensions (and a fly flying in it would move in three dimensions). This "extra dimension" is only visible within a relatively close range to the hose, or if one "throws in" small enough objects. Similarly, the extra compact dimensions are only "visible" at extremely small distances, or by experimenting with particles with extremely small wavelengths (of the order of the compact dimension's radius), which in quantum mechanics means very high energies (see wave-particle duality).

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    I could get my soon to be 19 year old son to explain it to you B.U.T.T., he has made "A"s his first two semesters of calculus. Just accept it as it was read and appear at the end of the hose if you want to travel into another dimension.
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    To simplify what it says, there are more dimensions than the 4 that we are accustomed to living in. Those being direction (up/down, left/right, forward/backward) and time. However, in theory (not just string theory) there are other dimensions that exist, but movement in those dimensions takes place in such a small scale that they are practically unobservable. The particles and energies that move in those dimensions are also so small they are difficult to observe.

    So, in essence, you have to get a really close view to see those movements.

    Another way to think about it is to imagine you are looking at a large (airliner) jet. When the jet is cruising at 35,000 feet you can only see it moving forward, even though it may be moving up or down, or turning slowly. If the jet passed you at 1000 feet you could easily see it moving forward, and turning, but unless the up/down movement is pretty extreme you won't easily see it. If the jet is at 100 feet, you can easily observe it moving up/down, forward, and turning. The same holds true with string theory. You need to "get really close" to see all 11 (iirc) theorized dimensions. To get really close you need a high energy particle accelerator, and somebody really smart to devise an experiment to observe those dimensions.

    Make sense?
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    Slightly. Read enough sci fi and you begin to understand. Especially as I really like what is called hard sci fi which is based on known scientific facts and theory. It can get very intense and send me searching for the facts and theory behind the book(s).

    Read John Ringo' series Into The Looking Glass and you'll get an education on string theory, quantum physics, particle physics, cosmology, and more. Using fun subjects such as how to kill naturally armored beasts, space travel, portal travel and so on. Plus you will see on the covers some beasties that have been used in some sci fi movies since. His creatures that evidently struck a chord with graphics artists.

    But it is a subject that usually takes many years of study to really begin to understand and use. Even then you have some who dispute parts of it due to the fact that we can't physically see most of the interactions.

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    ....hmmm...the unmentioned "5th Dimension" is how my wife spends money she knows we don't have.

    She told me she saved $50 on a blouse she bought on sale, so I said, "OK give me the $50 your saved".

    I don't remember much after that...
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    My head hurts!

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    No one understands the string theory......not even those who think they do.

    Ever hear of the "Oort Cloud"? Thats a good one.
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    Despite the fact that cosmologists are arguing about exactly how many dimensions there are - some say 8 is sufficient, others that the requisite number is 11 (I think there are 18, but I can't prove it.), The important concept is to visualize a subatomic particle, not as a neat 3-dimensional field, but as a string squiggling out into these other dimensions. The properties of the particles that we observe are the result of the higher-dimensional shape.
    This all comes about as an attempt to explain the fact that we can't find enough mass to explain the way the Universe behaves. It's not missing - we just can't see it, because it's spread out in these other dimensions.
    The length of the string, however, can be calculated from the the properties we observe. Some are quite short, others are light-years long.
    It can even be hypothesized that the old Norse legend - the worm Ouroboros - the worm that encircles the World - is real.
    One thing you need to know, though, is that there is no such thing as String Theory. There are a bunch of different theories to explain what we do know. None are accepted. Yet.
    While you could read String Theory for Dummies by Andrew Zimmerman Jones, a better choice would be The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory by George Musser.
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    I prefer my cosmic doughnut theory. At some point the universe popped into existence and began to spread out. But since matter is formed from energy and therefore must return to being energy so I theorize that after a certain point all matter must return back to the center. But at the center where entropy happens the matter returns to energy and is spread back throughout the universe. And it does this all in the shape of a cosmic doughnut. Strings are no fun. Doughnuts rock.

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    I was right with you all until someone threw a dougnut into the mix???

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