The movie - Collateral. Dialogue from great scenes
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    The movie - Collateral. Dialogue from great scenes

    Disclaimer - I'm not promoting gratuitous violence, profession (or amateur for that matter) assassins, contract killings, abuse of the city of Los Angeles taxicab regulations, or violating the MTA rider policies and procedures.

    The movie Collateral came out in 2004. I didn't see it at the theater, but I've seen it a few times on TV recently. Here is the dialogue from just a few of my favorite scenes:

    Max (cab driver): Hey.
    Max: He, he, he fell on the cab. He fell, he fell from up there on the [email protected]#$%^&* cab. @#$%. I think he's dead.
    Vincent (hitman): Good guess.
    Max: You killed him?
    Vincent: No, I shot him. Bullets and the fall killed him.

    Daniel (jazz musician and State's witness, who after spending several minutes chatting with Vincent about life and music just realized why he's there): Just when I thought you were a cool guy.
    Vincent: I am a cool guy, with a job I contracted to do.
    Max: Let him go, Vincent.
    Vincent: I'm working here.

    And, the classic line. Say it with me...
    Vincent: Yo, homie. Is that my briefcase?

    While a 9 mm or .40 caliber bullet may or may not expand, it is an undeniable fact that a .45 caliber bullet will never shrink.

    "Yo, homie. Is that my briefcase?"

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    Re: The movie - Collateral. Dialogue from great scenes

    "No, I shot him. Bullets and the fall killed him."

    Typical liberal response.
    In a world of talkers, be a thinker and a doer.

    Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together.

    You know the other funny thing about duct tape? There are hundreds of uses, but it's not used for ducts. Go figure...



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