Do you really like renewable energy?
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Thread: Do you really like renewable energy?

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    Do you really like renewable energy?

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    Thought-provoking, for sure. Not even counting the birds beaten down out of the sky by the turbines or simply fried as they fly over the square miles of glass.
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    I like it as long as I don't have to pay more for it than what we've been doing for 150 years. I don't mind something being better for the environment, as long as it's pocketbook friendly.
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    I am intrigued with solar, but the consumption within the house must be monitored and low voltage options utilized at all times. I would like a water well with a windmill (old fashioned type) pumping up into a tank to provide supply for when the wind is quiet. A backup electric pump would also be required. A friend has built an Amish constructed cabin in SW Wisconsin that has a steel roof collecting rainwater that is stored and purified via filtration for consumption. He is off grid with solar also. I really want to visit to see his setup. He boasts that he is into it for about 50k so far plus the acreage cost.

    What I am really intrigued with is something I think we discussed here not to long ago and that is hydroelectric power. With a stream having consistent water flow, a setup for $5,000 +/- could supply all the electricity needed.
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    When you consider all the energy expended to put up a two megawatt turbine, the amount of energy required to produce the steel towers, the amount of fiberglass resin and fibers (need replacing every 4-5 years and are considered a special hazardous waste), the amount of energy required to create the keat to produce the 200 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation, I would imagine the wind turbine would have to be in operation for two years just to recover that carbon footprint.

    I do love the fact that they are going up all around our great wind corridor that is West Texas, mostly because of the jobs it creats.
    Repairs are constant and will soon equal the amount of employment the oil industry requires.

    Wind turbines and solar farms couldn't make it without Govt. dollars. I;m just glad govt. dollars collected from you the people, particularly those on the West Coast and in the Northeast liberal areas.

    I do like the small scale applications to be able to get off the grid.
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