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Thread: Lot of gun shop break-ins in Lubbock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake3501 View Post
    This is a regular local gun theft ring. Normal times, they just go through neighborhoods, breaking into cars and trucks looking for guns left in the autos.

    A local detective told me over a year ago that most guns stolen in Lubbock, usually surfaced in crimes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

    Gun shops have been hit in Lubbock over the years, maybe one every three years, but four gun shops hit 5 times in two weeks, there is something more going on. Nothing in the local news on the most recent GEBO's break in, so other shops may have also been hit again.
    See, this is why I don't have a "truck gun". I'd keep a concealable revolver in the truck, often leave the house forgetting to carry one and have to drive back to arm up. But, it ain't worth it, don't want one of my babies ripped off.

    Sounds like the gangs are preparing for all out war of the races or something. Be diligent, my friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasAviator View Post
    I would bet that was a tax and/or regulation dodge more than anything.

    Even legal products get smuggled and sold to non nefarious buyers. Take cigarettes in high tax states like New York. It's big business to sell smuggled smokes. At the end of the day it is all about saving money.

    As to a spike in gun store robberies I haven't noticed any here in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.
    Cheaper than Gold dust commits highway robbery all the time, although I do admit it is voluntary. Just capitalism at it's worst.
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    Gun shops around me have so little inventory due to the increase in people purchasing guns that I doubt many criminals would take the risk for the smaller amount of weapons that they would likely get. Haven't been into many of them since this COVID fiasco but most of their websites list many guns as 'out of stock'...at least the ones I was checking on.
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