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Thread: ebay tactical handheld flashlights any good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredward View Post
    As a corrections officer, a Mag-Lite has saved my life many times. It lights up well, too, if you get my drift. New pocket sized tactical flashlights are great, BUT none work quite as well as a 3 cell C cell flashlight for certain purposes.
    I don't doubt that for a moment!

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    This is what I carry every day. It is brighter than my Maglite 5 cell with the LED. Uses 2 AA batteries.


    My backup is one of these


    I still use my 5 cell Maglites. They last a very long time under a lot of use because I did get the LED option. It's batteries have been in it more than a year and works just as good as a lead pipe when you don't have one near by.

    I did break it's predecessor over a pit bull's head when it attacked me trying to get in my truck. A few months later with my walking stick. The Maglite felt a lot more satisfying than the walking stick.

    One is beside the bed and the other behind my truck seat.

    However, they don't fit in my pocket like the other two. The S&W twist on for it to stay on, and back the cap off and use the button and its only on while you hold it on for a momentary light. In short, no click noise to be heard.

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