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Thread: The Chinese did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickenbacher39 View Post
    You can't build an adequate outhouse in 9 days let alone a hospital.
    This is more than likely a patient warehousing facility.
    It is also described in the article as a "makeshift" hospital.
    That photo was probably taken of the only area they had that even resembled a room.
    That tells me it may be equal to something built by a 7th grade woodshop class.
    I spent 20+ years working in hospitals...some good some not so good.
    I didn't spend much time in the not so good ones. It can get worrisome very quickly
    and cause more problems than they cure.
    This is just my opinion of course and is sponsored by no particular brand of breakfast cereal whatsoever.
    However, since it is my opinion and it is on the internet it is obviously the correct one...
    Iím sure itís not 100% complete, and Iíll wager dollars to donuts theyíll have fitment issues for years. But with modular construction... it is possible to build something like that in ten days. Iíve seen four bedroom modular houses go from the truck to occupancy in three days. The caveats are that: one, like you mentioned, itís not likely to be any more impressive than your run oí the mill field station, and two, that large a building- modular or not- is going to require something more of a foundation than trampled earth. In all my time in the building trades I never heard of a cement that would pour a suitable slab for that place and cure in less than two weeks. That much, to my knowledge is not possible. I wouldnít give it a year before it starts to settle.
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    If you look at the two wings on the right of the building, each of those boxes are individual modules built, wired, and plumbed off site, and brought in on a truck. Those guys are the impressive ones. That had to be one hell of a facility, and the guys who worked out the logistics to get everything in the right place at the right time... sorry, but Iím impressed.
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    That place looks like a one way trip! With a huge furnace at the end of the hall.

    I had read that they have so many that can't get out to buy groceries that they have whole houses of dead people.

    Remember this is a communist country! Think Russia and Chernobyl! JMO

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    It would take us 9 months just to figure out where to build it.
    If it's worth putting a hole in then it's worth putting a BIG hole in.

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    Every time there's an earthquake you get....

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    And one violent sneeze or coughing fit could bring it down!

    Not only did they get the unions and bureaucrats out of the way, they got the building engineering inspectors out of the way, too! Hope they don't have an earthquake anytime soon!
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