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Thread: Amazing, what can be done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhite View Post
    I bet China has had this hospital warehoused away for just such an emergency.

    Last thing the government there need is civil unrest through an apparent lack of inaction
    from the government. There's a lot more civilians in China than politicians.

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    Absolutely, just like FEMA has manufactured housing stored at a lot of previous training bases scattered around left over from the vietnam war. When I was still flying my own little plane and flew over one on my way to Weatherford. It was near Mineral Wells.

    I remember thinking they were strange looking runways they stored them on, and then I realized it was Army and they were helicoptor flight lines.

    We most likely have modular hospitals tucked away also
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake3501 View Post
    One thing for sure, I'm not planning on taking a cruise for a long time or flying anywhere commercially for quite a long time (as if I would any way. Lubbock has a lot of folks who are Chinese and other Asian cultures at TTU who I am betting flew home over the holidays. I just hope home wasn't Wuhan. I am at a point I won't go to a movie, or stop by a bar that is crowded or go to Church, and it is because of the flu!
    Good idea...Cruise Ships are just one giant floating Petri dish.

    "Carnival confirms passenger tested positive for coronavirus"
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    Deaths outside China have soared to... one. (Philippines)

    This flu season has killed around 2100 in the U.S. for comparison. (I've seen other reports from 4000-10000, but these may be exaggerated.)
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