That heart tug of a grandchild
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Thread: That heart tug of a grandchild

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    That heart tug of a grandchild

    That heart tug, that only grandkids are capable of giving.
    Our oldest grandchild will be graduating high school this year. We are lucky enough that we do live near by and are able to see and visit with her from time to time. Not as often as us old folks would like, but we do understand how busy life can be when your 17 and preparing to move on with a new point in her life.

    She had told us a while back that she wanted to become an ER Nurse, and now plans to attend college in Lubbock. We had also been told that she planned to be taking some advanced education her senior year and taking some college courses at the local community college. Over Christmas she was telling us of spending time as part of her courses at the hospital in different departments from ER admissions to labor and delivery and so forth.

    And while, YES I'm proud of her and all of her undertakings I was not ready when I got a Texted photo of her in her EMT uniform. This year while many of her classmates will be out enjoying their last big blast in high school over Spring Break, she will be spending her time in an riding in an ambulance following these early steps of achieving her dream.

    By the way, I may reach out to a few of our Lubbock members here if the need arises in an emergency pertaining to her over the next few years. I wouldn't trust too many people in doing so, but you folks are family.

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    I've been very lucky that all of my kids are in the area and i get to see grandkids pretty regularly. I hope it stays like that, but I know things change and so I'm just enjoying all the time with them that I can.
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    Of all our grandkids, we've lost two to adulthood. One moved to a different city and became a fireman, one moved north to go to college. We still talk on the phone, but adult life has taken them from us the way it took me from my grandparents. It's something I didn't realize until it happened, and quite frankly, that's the way life should work. You spoil them when they're young. Send them home when they're brats. Pass on the little secrets of life. Try to instill a continuity of family, and let them make their own future. As a grandparent, it's your job.
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    We don't get to see our kids, grandkids or great grandkids nearly enough. They're scattered all over the country from Seattle to Florida.

    Of our 4 kids we only have our 2 sons left. Our 2 daughters have passed on. Our youngest daughter would have been 50 earlier this week.

    Here they were when they were youngsters.

    Cheerleaders on their younger brother's football team.

    Playing softball in Knoxville, TN.

    Here we were during happier times.

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    JRJ - congratulations on your blessings! Keep us apprised of her progress! And Rook - your girls look to have been wonderful people! I pray your memories bring you and Mrs Rook solace! And ya'll - thank you for sharing that families can be wonderful!
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    Sadly, starting pay for people who SAVE LIVES is below the poverty level. It really depends what company she's working for as far as additional benefits to make up for the low pay. We don't have operations in Lubbock but have them in Abilene, Plainview, Amarillo and Clovis. I think this is what's referred to as "paying one's dues"? I don't know anymore as I quit driving a truck with flashy lights 30+ years ago. It's good that she's getting into the field, but don't let her stop on the ambulatory side. LPN's and RN's have a much brighter future than being stuck in EMS until you burn out.
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    Well, you old fart, sounds like you may be coming to Lubbock some. Let me and another old fart, Smokewagon know when you are coming, and like usually happens, the girls get together and if you have some down time, maybe we can get together and burn a little gun powder.

    Luckily, all six of my current grand kids live near by. It appears my youngest (age 27) however, has found a lady friend near Minot, ND, and I expect them to get married in the next year, although no announcements have been made. Her folks also live in N.D., coupled with N.D. having a much lower cost of living than the Permian Basin, and the kid enjoys all kind of winter and summer activities...I suspect my youngest may wind up being a permanent resident there. I currently see him twice a year, and the wife saw him three times last year. My current youngest grandkid is 14, and I'm sure the next one is at least 3 years away.

    There just isn't a good or cheap way to get to Minot or vice versa. It's about an 18 hour drive, or a 6 hours total flying there if you are lucky. It took my son and his lady 10 hours (Flying) to get from Lubbock to Minot when they went home after Christmas. His two round trip tickets (traveling at a prime time) were $2,500.

    Williston has opened a new airport, and my wife has found some $500 tickets each in less prime time traveling dates.

    I just hope I live long enough to see my next grand child, not that anything is wrong with me, I just think my son will want to wait a few years to get kids. Of course I wanted to wait a few years to have kids too, but women are funny about pulling sneaky stuff without telling a guy!
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