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Thread: Rod Stewart is a Model Railroader

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    Rod's talent really isn't based on his singing so much as it is in his being an entertainer. Apparently, he puts on a good show. Take Kiss, for of the absolute worst vocal bands ever and not terribly talented instrumentally either but with the costumes, flash bombs and flames......who gives a ramblin' rat's rear? RS has gone from rock, to pop and then to contemporary, Sinatra style stuff and his transition to and from each was nearly seamless, including his changes in stage persona. I was never a big fan and really didn't care for his post Faces stuff but I'll give him credit, not many could pull that off at all, let alone as successfully as he did.
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    I appreciate this posting of Rod Stewart's other talents. I have a strong affinity for model rail roading and Stewart's song Maggie Mae closely mimicked my college days, even the makng a living out of playing pool. I never made a living out of it, but was good enough not to ever get hustled by the folks that did.

    My early post college days, I worked 6 months as a construction engineer on pipe lines and then 4 years as a construction engineer for the A.T. & S.F. Ry Co., beginning in Clovis, NM for eight months, then eight months in Los Angeles, then 2 1/2 years in central and Western Az. During this time, I collected a lot of Rail Road Artifacts that would have made any rail roader a great man cave, including 4 Station Posters from the late 40's and early fifties, still new in the original tubes. These were in a store room in Parker AZ.

    When I moved back to TX, I built a few train layouts, nothing really great, as I simply didn't have room to do so. The HO scale was probably the ideal size and the two rail system a lot more realistic than the 3 rail system, but still used more space than I had.

    I then attempted building an "N" scale layout, but never was able to get good enough track alignment on grades and trestles to make them work properly.

    I still have an old three rail Lionel train and track my parents gave my brother and I for Christmas in 1955, and the values or worth of that set just isn't much at all any more as there is just no longer much interest in rail road modeling.

    Albuquerque used to have a large rail road modeling club and an impressive and large layout, I don't know if it is still up and going. I always enjoyed seeing the diaramas and layouts rail road modeling groups put together. When I went to Deadwood, S.D. three years ago, I got to see a pretty impressive layout there.

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    I've watched way too much South Park to think of anything but this when someone mentions Rod Stewart.

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    That is quite a layout, it took many hours to build all of that.


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