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Thread: Veterans Day November 11, 2019

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    So, so many on this forum served with so much more sacrifice than me, and I thank them. A special nod to the USAF (my grandfather was Army Air Corps in WWII) and the Coast Guard, which haven't been mentioned yet.

    I've done a lot since then, but my all too short time as a tank platoon leader in the Army Reserve still means a lot to me. 6/68th Armor Battalion, 157th Separate Infantry Brigade (Mechanized).
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    Thank you to all of those with whom I have served. Though some of you at different times, places or different Branches.

    Also I want to Thank those of you on the home front that supported and cared for my family while I was taking care of business elsewhere.

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    There are bonds of all sorts in this world of ours,
    Fetters of friendship and ties of flowers,
    And true lover's knots, I ween;
    The girl and the boy are bound by a kiss,
    But there's never a bond, old friend, like this,
    We have drank from the same Canteen!

    It was sometimes water, and sometimes milk,
    And sometimes apple-jack "fine as silk;"
    But whatever the tipple has been
    We shared it together in bane or bliss,
    And I warm to you, friend, when I think of this,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

    The rich and great sit down to dine,
    They quaff to each other in sparkling wine,
    From glasses of crystal and green;
    But I guess in their golden potations they miss
    The warmth of regard to be found in this,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

    We have shared our blankets and tents together,
    And have marched and fought in all kinds of weather,
    And hungry and full we have been;
    Had days of battle and days of rest,
    But this memory I cling to and love the best,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

    For when wounded I lay on the center slope,
    With my blood flowing fast and so little hope
    Upon which my faint spirit could lean;
    Oh! then I remember you crawled to my side,
    And bleeding so fast it seemed both must have died,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

    By Private Miles O'Reilly
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    "Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn't." -- Ben Franklin

    “Better to fight for something than live for nothing."-- George S. Patton

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” — George Orwell

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    I Salute each and every one of y'all who wore a uniform in our country's defense. Thank you.

    My # veteran - my dad, my hero. USAF 1951-1971

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    May God bless all veterans today and every day!!!

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    Thank you to all that defended my Freedom, and my Families Freedom, you all will
    not be forgotten!
    There are "four boxes" that can be employed to resist the downfall of America, the ballot box, the soap box, the jury box and, lastly, the ammo box.

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    I stole this one but here it is
    This pretty much explains how i feel. A civilian asked his veteran friend "Why did you call that stranger a brother, when you don't even know who he is?" Fair question...Here was his reply. "See that uniform he is wearing? He serves in the United States military. That, in itself, makes us brothers. Don't care where he is from, what color he is, who he voted for, or even who he prays too. He is still my brother, because he chose to put himself second, and his country first. For all I know, he has walked where I have walked, left sweat where I left sweat, and left drops of blood, where I did too..And that too, makes us brothers. From the time he raised his right hand, and signed on the dotted line, until time no longer exists, he will forever be my brother. Same with the women that served. They will forever be my sisters. They have my back, and I have theirs." The civilian friend stated, "wow, I never looked at it or even thought about it like that. That's awesome." "Does every Vet feel like you do?" "Yes they do...We are family, first and foremost. Forever Family..." Thank you all for being my family, and being there for your brothers and sisters when they needed you.
    avatar is VA-34 Blue Blasters squadron insignia one of the many I wore from 1977-1998

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    Here's some good news for veterans


    Trump pardons Army officers Golsteyn & Lorance, reinstates Navy SEAL Gallagher’s rank


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