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    Not exactly a ghost story but no less frightening.......I've opened Rickenbacher threads.
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    For the first 4 years of my life I lived in a house in Cleveland, OH. I don't remember the house at all. My parents and my older siblings would always talk about the ghost in the attic. Every morning the attic window would be open even when it was purposely closed the night before. The window was nailed shut a couple of times and still open the next morning. They would talk about this cold draft coming down the stairs from the attic, even in the middle of the hot summer nights. We moved when I was 4 and I would hear these stories for years. Sometime in the late 90's I drove by this house with my wife telling her about the stories. It was a freezing cold winter day with a fire going in the fire place. That attic window was wide open, true to the stories I had heard. The house has since been torn down so I have been told.

    I'll share my ghost car story later.
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    I only have 1 story. Not as good as some of the others but I'll tell it anyway.

    A little background is needed. I grew up in west/central IL. During my mid to late teen years my best friend was Mickey, aka Finn. We were inseparable, if you saw one of us you saw both of us. Now we weren't bank robbers or anything but weren't exactly choir boys either.

    Years later I had moved to Fl. He called me a couple times and was living over in the Ft. Meyers area. I live on the east coast of Fl. I didn't try to get together with him or anything as he was still living the party boy days. He worked during the day and was drunk all night. I had grown out of that stage many years before.

    About 8 to 10 years ago he died. He had walked out in front of a car and was killed. At the time my only transportation was a motorcycle, Kawasaki Vulcan 1600. I decided I needed to go to his service. I took my time getting over there, about 4 hours, riding little 2 lane blacktop roads through the countryside and orange groves. It was a gorgeous day. I sat through the service and then went and talked to both of his brothers, that was a very emotional visit for sure.

    It was time to head home and I was taking the same little 2 laners back home. I was about 20 minutes out of town and all of a sudden there was a weight on the passenger seat. There was a distinct presence on the passenger seat. Now anyone that has ever done much 2 up riding knows quite well what it feels like when someone gets on the passenger seat. There is no road bump that will ever feel the same. Besides these little 2 lane blacktops were smooth like a billiard table. At 50-55mph someone simply had sat down on the passenger seat! I had that moment of uuuhhhhh? And then I just smiled and said hey Finn, what's up!

    About 20 minutes down the road the weight left the passenger seat. I just did a little wave with my left hand and said nice riding with ya brother.
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    Back in My high school days I had a Friend who lived in a big old house in the historic district of town, His Parents were divorced and He chose to live with His Dad while His sisters lived with their Mother.
    His Dad worked nights and My friend hated to be in the house alone, sometimes He would come and stay with friends until it was time to pick up His Dad from work and other times He would have one or two of us stay over night at His house.
    Since the house was built before the invention of air conditioning in the dining room there was this big trap door with a grate beneath it over the dining room table for ventilation that was opened and closed with a rope in the hallway closet.
    One night while a couple of us were sleeping over We were all in His bed room and suddenly heard boom...boom...boom...boom...boom...
    I asked Him what was that? He replied it's just the trap door in the dining room slamming shut.
    Five minutes later we heard it again and it continued every five or ten minutes until we fell asleep, it took a pretty good pull on the rope in the closet to get that thing opened so something other than the breeze had to be acting on it.
    No wonder He wouldn't stay in that house alone.
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