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Thread: Sure is a lot of work just to go relax

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    Our last four long annual vacations, we have had as many as 16 family members meet up and rented an airb&b or whatever you call it. Thankfully the last three vacations have only had three groups for a total of eight people, which Keystone Co. Last year only came to $133.33 for each group, and this year we went to Jackson Hole Wy., and stayed at a really nice place in Driggs, Idaho for a nightly cost to all of $100. I would much rather do that than stay in a hotel.

    I just hope next year, they pick someplace within 600 miles of Lubbock, I prefer the mountains in the summer, dang beaches are too hot and are a sunny beach as far as I am concerned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPT24/7 View Post
    Those manufactures should make built in air compressors on those motorhomes . One in the front and one in the back so you would always have air available ! But just think , afterwards when you drive to a campsite and hook up to relax you'll enjoy it all and rest . Been wondering why no update has come after deciding hard enough what veh. to get to pull behind the MH ??
    Quite a few of them do.
    Ours has two fittings at the front and back of the coach tied into the air braking system.
    I just carried a 30 foot air hose and gauge at all times.

    As far as always being ready for a trip it just takes time to develop habits and a system.
    We bought our first motorhome in 1978.
    30 odd years and a half a dozen rv's later we finally have a system to keep from going insane.
    It also takes a while to find the bells, whistles, switches and all 5 water drains.
    It's always fully stocked with everything except for food. That includes clothes and more importantly, rum.
    It takes only a hour or two pack up and leave if we want to.
    It's kept warm and dry in the rv garage so doing that in the winter is really no problem.
    However; the first few years my wife and I resembled 3 legged monkeys trying to pack it up and get it ready.
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