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    Quote Originally Posted by BangBang View Post
    I am very often amazed as I see the technology that seems to be developing faster and faster that is available to the consumer today. I mean I am old enough to remember a crank telephone on a party line. I remember an aunt that we would visit when I was a kid and she had an actual outhouse. My grandmother used a potbelly stove in her kitchen for warmth in Winter. When you look at these things and then look around At what is available to day you realize just how much we Have seen in our lives.

    Case in point… I use a Samsung Galaxy note 9 cell phone. It has way more ability then I will be able to take advantage of. I have my phone on a lease from Sprint that I have used for years. One of the benefits of my Sprint plan is that I can lease my phone for a very reasonable amount of money and after 12 months I can just turn it in for the newest version and continue The lease with the newer phone.

    I got a letter to day from Sprint telling me that the new Galaxy note 10 will be available in September. They explained the phone and listed all the things that the phone is capable of doing. Just like with the phone I have now I will probably never be able to use half of what the phone has for a potential. One of the abilities of the phone to me appears incredible. The phone has four cameras and three camera programs. I won't list everything you can do with the phone's cameras but one thing stuck in my mind. The user has the ability to take a picture of an object and the camera then makes it a 3-D picture. The camera then stores the 3-D picture in the same format as a 3-D printer and is capable of uploading the picture into any 3-D printer for manufacture.

    Maybe I'm just beyond understanding or maybe I am just too old but to me This ability of The new phone is incredible. Laugh at me if you will but I can't help it I am absolutely amazed.

    Not relevant to the post, but when my wife and I met she had Sprint. When we moved in together we went and canceled it and got her a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. Same phone, same service, $100 a month less.

    Quote Originally Posted by daytonaredeye View Post
    Well, there is still a market for CB radios among the prepper movement.
    10-4 back door, put the pedal to the metal, what you waitin for? I am a truck driver, and new guys always go on about how there is no point to a CB. Obviously they never were stuck in a blizzard or a wreck, wondering if the people up ahead had any idea how long the DOT was gonna take to clean it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by 777Driver View Post
    It's amazing to know what today's phones can do.
    What I worry about, is what you DON'T know what it's doing.
    People use to worry about the government wiretapping them. Today people are like "Hey wiretap, is the post office open on Saturday?"
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    whats really cool is, the new phone that can take 3d images, you can take them using something to rotate the subject, or move the camera around it, the 3d images can then be converted to something that a 3d printer can print.

    Can also do this with a traditional camera as long as you have enough photos of the object from all sides
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