War artifacts can be cool.....
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Thread: War artifacts can be cool.....

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    War artifacts can be cool.....

    ...but some......not so much.

    With all my time on backhoes and such, I've pulled up or uncovered some strange stuff before but luckily, never a bomb. I did find one once, while at NAS Norfolk......a definite "hoooly ____" moment. I was the JOOD and out making my rounds when I stopped by Weapons to check their gate. I caught a glimpse of something back in the bushes that even though I couldn't make out what it was, just didn't seem to belong there. Upon further investigation, I realized it was at least a 100 lb bomb and though clearly quite old, it was fully intact. I stayed on site until the proper authorities arrived, who immediately ordered me to clear out......which didn't hurt my feelings a bit. I later learned it was a WW2 dummy, practice bomb and near as anyone could figure, it had to have laid there for almost 50 years. Surprising, since it was only about 10 ft off of the main road and about 5 ft from the Weapons Department gate.
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    Fifty years ago we used to go shooting in the upper desert region of SoCal. During WWII the Army & Navy used this area for weapons practice.

    I still remember walking through a dry river bed that was just completely littered with spent bullets and artillery rounds. The rains would come now and then, revealing the spent rounds in the sides of the river bank. We left it all lay. I had no desire in collecting unexploded ordnance.

    As a result of the SALT treaty the Dixon pulled into Seal Beach ammo depot to offload some ordnance. I never witnessed such a security clampdown 'til that day. The whole evolution went from sunrise to sunset. One at a time, a warhead was offloaded from the ship then transferred into a weapons magazine under heavily armed guard. Eventually, we offloaded 95 nukes. Enough to light up the whole left coast.
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    I have never found any. Most of the "visual" underwater inspections we did on super tankers were for marine growth. We just happen to look for "marine growth" every time the ship came from the Persian Gulf.
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